Sunday, March 17, 2013


The moon in  gemini in the third house making you very expressive and saying whats on your mind,you  may need to focus on what's going on with you and not what 's going on with others
The moon in gemini in the second house you need to save some money aside for a rainy day,  this could be a good day to earn some extra cash
The moon in gemini in your first house , you love communicating and expressing yourself, and now that mecury is direct all systems go, as others will understand every word you say today

The moon in gemini in your 12th house , you may not  express your feeling nor  carry your emotions on  your sleeve, people will have a difficult time reading you, so make sure you tell them you are offended because they may not know
The moon in gemini in your 11th house makes you a mover and shaker when it comes to making things happen with your hopes and wishes, and also making new friends

The moon in gemini in your 10th house , you  could feel a bit bored at work if your not challenged

Looking at all the good happening to you can only predict the good that is going to be comming your way, feel blessed not stress

Make sure that you have all you ducks in row because  some one  could be trying to throw you under the bus, don't worry  this will be revealed to you  from the  gossip line
All eyes are on you today, but you may not like all the attention, the energy  could  drain you so try to be quite  and  sneak away for  5 minutes so you can get back your energy
You  could see some changes happening today , especially with mercury direct situations or your job  could start to  get a bit busy

Be patient with the  energy and with others , you  do have people that  you can go to for advice,  you  may need to make some big decision that are yes life changing

You could be getting into some healthy habits, the energy around you is changing for the better and also  new changes are comming forth possibly today