Sunday, March 3, 2013

Daily Scope for March 04,2013

The moon in scorpio in your  8th house  brings about  the emotions, you  could be more of  an observer and listener than a participator in others drama

The moon in scorpio in your seventh brings out the charmer in you, and  a great time to get your flirt on 

The moon in scorpio  in your  sixth house this will bring out the workaholic in you , expect to see some over time or talks of  you coming early, oy 

The moon in scorpio in your fifth makes flirting with everyone so much fun, plus  you have that scorpion charm to make  you light a room 

Today the moon is  scorpio in your fourth house making  you very nurturing and concern for others, but don't be surprised if they are worried and concerned about  you too

Today 's moon in the third makes  you extra charming and  that feeling there something about you that people can't resist  but wanting your attention, is that a good thing or a bad thing ??  :)

The moon in your second house this is  a great time to just  be focus on making that money honey, because saturn in retrograde and the moon in your second house of scoprio wants to get that money, even if it means picking up other's hours
The moon in your sign today this could be a day  where  people want to talk to you and be all about  you, poor scorpio when will you ever get away

The moon  in your 12th house you 'll be there for others even when you do like them today,  or haven't spoken to them  in  a while  you'll still help them out  regardless

The moon in your 11th house making  you  work extra hard especially with your  goals, hopes, wishes, with the extra you are sure to make some head way or just  get the right person's attention, the  squeaky wheel always get the grease   
The moon in your 10th house making  you  treat some of  your business conversation like a chess game because you want to say and do the right thing, don't worry  you  will , you have lots of charm today

The moon in your  9th house could bring about  your spiritual side , this need to  deal with  the esoteric, and the mysterious side of life intrigues  you