Monday, March 18, 2013


Your energy is aggressive meaning you'll get things done today, if you want something you'll go out and get it  which is  great, as you are knocking on doors be patient, because this is something you want  so it takes bit of work and patient to watch the seed to grow into plant
You could be developing a new mentallity or a new belief system , as the old way of thinking or doing may no longer be working or you need a new way of thinking that works for you

You may need to change your way of thinking when it comes to  a personal relationship in your life, this could have  some concerns as you try to  be open minded, release this obstacle in your  life and open yourself to new experience and to people that want your friendship. When people comeback to us , it means that we have healed from this relationships, even though the concious person you didnot  heal but your subconcious your sould did
Anxiety and worries may be creeping up on you today especially when it comes to relationships, or falling back  on bad habits, know that  you have a listening ear that will help inspire you to get back in the right head space and give you the motivation to continue to move  forward 

You  could be picking  an organization or a person over your obligations to your family or to yourself, putting the ego first will  cause a chain reaction around you so becareful today with the choices you make especially when it comes to self gratification
Careful with the energy today, it could be more of a mental trip meaning  you will allow people or situations to affect on  emotional level, don't get yourself  stressed out because of others actions, the only thing you can control is yourself  and how you handle yourself, choose the higher road today 
New opportunities or changes may present themselves to you, especially  in the finicial sense making you think more about the future and your future finicial situation

When it comes to career you could be thinking about getting a career in something you love to do,also you have chance to get a project done that will  bring great relief and bring about a ripple affect of  change in your life, possibly a new chapter
Even though nothing grand is  happening today, you have allot to be thankful for today, as you are comming out of  a negative situation or leaving a person know that it's a blessing, it's a sign of  change

You may need to scale back a little today, meaning in your hectic schedule and busy work day don't push yourself because you already done all you can, you can't push yourself no more
Your ideas that come to you today  and that you share will be appreciative and possibly use. Nagging  people today may remind what you need to accomplish or finish up today
You could be very influential to important people in your life , this will give you  new level of emotional satisfaction , also  you may need to take new defense to an old idea