Thursday, March 28, 2013

,Daily Scope for March 29,2013

Careful with who you associate yourself , you may not realize now , but they could be using you, or being a bit manipulative, they  could  be taking advantage of your empathy.  This is  a time also where people will be inspired by you, to the point of copying you, sometimes it's hard to have followers
Today  the flow of the universe works in your favor, also this energy today brings about endings possibly with relationships so becareful how the end will end, try to end things on a positive note

Lovers today may  have your back in what ever endeavour or idea you are going with, you have their support. For some of you , you  could be making a major life decision

With the full moon energy still surrounding the day, people maybe a bit edgy with you, so still focus on what's going on with you and do for you today
For some of  you today you can expect some kind of  a finicial windfall  or  finicial gain today,also  today you  may be doing a bit of micromanaging so try to give up some of that control and allow others to do their job
Today you may put your faith to the test and  give it to God and the universe all them to take care of whatever situation is bothering you. Also for some of you this energy will bring about  your creative vision, and your ability to create
For  some of you today , you could be picking sides when it comes to friends or coworkers, also for others you may be to focus to deal with other people drama

Your intuintion today will guide where you need,also today don't take responsibility for things that are out of your control.   

Today  you  may want to becareful because others may put you in a finicial bind.What ever you set your mind to , you can get Ask, Believe, and Receive
You may  have to  go through what seems like fire, as obstacles  bring about change, but you are ready to take on those obstacle because the end result is change
You are able to create your own reality,also you have control over how people perceive or what people say about you
Seize the day today , there is  great energy  to get things done and  for a feel good time with others TGIF