Thursday, March 7, 2013


Today is  a busy day so try to keep your head straight, and yourself organize, for some  of you this is  a great time for call back or signing contract bringing about some much needed cash flow into your life

You could be connecting today with someone from your past, that may have an opportunity for you to make some money, or start a project with them and they need your help

Some of  your  relationship or just one ; you  may  want to question, also  today for some of  you there could be career opportunities or advancement, this is  a great day to see positive changes, or to feel positive energy

We are almost out of the woods with mercury in retrograde the energy could get a bit hostile for some of you especially with the office politics or the cliques that are forming around you, please ignore them
Don't over think things today, you could be  missing out on a fun experience that will bring out some inspiration and creativity in you, also  there could be some  things that are going to come to light

Allow things to happen in your life, don't fall  for the what ifs , I feel that you'll be pleasantly  surprise with the little things that happen to you today, considering them blessings

You  could be offered some money making opportunities at work, or you  could be offered to make some extra cash at work, it  could be a bit stressful but do try to give yourself time for yourself to destress

You are good frame of mind creatively to start or thinking about starting something new like anything new you have to nurture the seed and watch it grow
With the moon in your 3rd house you  could have some great ideas going through your mind,also  with the moon in the sign of Aquarius careful not to second guess yourself

With the moon in aquarius in your second house  , you could get very creative on how to make  money, or how to save, but also  you  could  really into spending on gadgets today like that new smart phone

The moon in your first house, try to remember where you put stuff today as the energy may make a bit forgetful, and also very creative in thought

The moon in your 12th house makes you very creative also pay attention to your emotional self because it might steer you into negative thought such as worry, or overthinking