Wednesday, March 20, 2013


This is a mental day today you could be a bit trapped in your head, and allowing the negative thoughts to creep, it could be a slow day which allows you time to mull things over but the energy will pick up so  enjoy the silence before the storm

Nurture yourself and others, forgiveness, compassion and some understanding need to be demonstrated today so you can  show those haters how to love show people love today
Your mind is on the money today wether it be how to save or how to make more, you'll have some decision to make on what to do with your money. Also this is a good day to come with creative solutions with your money situation as well
You are in the right fram of mind for long term plans, and happy times are starting to come your way especially today. Friendships or love relationship could get a bit closer , as you forgive others or end conflicts
Today you may hear some good news when it comes to your finicial, or you may meet new challenges. Also  this is  a great day for  receiving money or new career opportunities
Be patient with people and timing you  could be a bit off, also there is a need for balance and compromise in your life. You need to try to focus, and communicate your vision with others, or those  you work with

Enjoy the little things today, don't allow yourself to take on so much at work because it may cause some stress which will affect your health. It's important that you nurture yourself and don't sweat the small stuff
You be turning into a work alcholic try not to get to overwhelmed, and ask others for help, yes ask because others wont know if you don't . Also for some , you could be ending a difficult  stituation, so embraces the changes that are comming your way
You  could be comming into some life changes, in regards to career or  current work situation, also this is a good to work on healing yourself and relationships, just a suggestion, but it's a great time to move on

You could be having a good money day either at work or as  a gift, also this is a good day to get your  finicial situation in order, also this could be a time for change, the life changing expeerience, and spirituatl transformations
This is  a great day to challenge yourself, you could be coming to an end of a situation, clearing the way of things that no longer serves you , and seeing the humor in a situation
There could be news of exciting new endeavor, use your originality and creative energy to start new  projects.  Also there is a need to have more fun or an adventure, anyone up for a car ride :)