Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Daily Scope for March 06,2013

You  maybe feeling a bit worried especially  with what others are thinking today, you  could  have a  change of  mind, or  could be influence by others

You  could be learning something new at work today but it may cut into your play time with others, you'll like the sense of responsibility even though you have other obligations that are more fun

For some  of you  relationships could be  some what difficult remember to listen and if you have to  get the other space , during mercury in retrograde things will not get resolve wait for cooler heads

The moon in Sagittarius in your  sixth house  will give  you the extra edge at work, you  could be a bit competitive, this is a good day to show off your skills

The moon in  Sagittarius in your  fifth house brings about  your flirty , fun side today , it  could  get a bit hot  for the lion crowd, nothing wrong with  flirting
The moon in  Sagittarius in your fourth house could make your home feel more like your sanctuary, you  may  even want to  decorate or focus your attention on home and family 

The moon in  Sagittarius  in your  3rd house you  could be a  bit fast today, so  don't forget the little  details along the way

The moon in the sign of  Sagittarius in your second house  you  get a  bit frugal with your money, or find really  great deals today

The moon in your first house bring about  your  much more lively persona today,  others could misread your aggressive fun behavior , easy tiger

The moon in your 12th house you  could have a very active mind today, try to keep your thoughts organized or get organized because it  could lead to procrastinate

The moon in the sign of  Sagittarius in your 11th house brings about your fun side especially with friends, of  course it's all about  you today, you could be the center of attention

The moon in  Sagittarius in your 10th house putting on the bit of extra something, something to impress the right people, hopefully that extra something, something  makes you shine