Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Today you are large and in charge taking the intitiative regardless with what other people might think, you are just looking out what's best for you and those you are responsible for

The energy with others is rather off so  try not to get involve in all the he said she said drama, or you could  find your words being misconstrued when it comes to people take caution

You could be  greeted by small obstacles early on in the day , make sure you have a plan B, and if necessary a plan C don't get mad , but laugh for the planet Mercury is playing with you

When it comes to the past and the future, you cannot fear the  future or the opportunities that are comming your way , you  could be overthinking things now


You could be  worried about certain ppeople in your life right now, or feeling a bit uneasy around take this time to try to nurture the relationship with as little blood shed as possible

The energy today is  about making  changes and grabbing at opportunities that may come your way or you could be thinking about new ways to save money, some people could nag you into doing what they thinks is best for you but it's your life and your choice
Some things should just be left alone, pick and choose you battles today, other than that  the mind is  focus on the money and also some money making opportunities could come your way

You could be stepping back , or stepping away from someone as you  may already they are not  being up front with you 
You could feel like time is not on your side today, or for some of  you  it goes a bit more than time like a another person in your life  feeling this need for control and only so much you could do , don't be complacement
As you teeter along your way to the quick swift wind of change , know that there are somethings or people you cannot control but knowing you , you'll find another way to get your way
There could be some peace of mind as  you  figure out your finicial situation, and  nurturing your mentalself through meditation and other spiritual workings today

You  could be  fustrated by time , things don't seem to be moving fast for you or are you to close to notice?