Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Daily Scope for March 07,2013

Someone in your life could help you  out in regards to looking for work, or job openings in your job, don't allow the worries to affect or ruin your day

Your happy thoughts today can lead you  to peace of mind and positive ways to manifest things or conclusions in your life

New experience brings together , you and your coworkers , allow the energy to do what 's it's going to do let down your guard because you'll find some positive experience in the mundane today

Friends or frenemies may be an issue  as they may play the blame, or delve in the he said , she said thing, this will have you emotionally frazzle but could it be sign that you need to make some changes, sometimes mercury retrograde will show us things that we are not aware of.

You  take on some much sometimes especially  when it comes to others, if  someone ask you  for help today think about it or sleep on it before you  give your answers

The energy today is about  change  and new experiences, for  some of  you this could be a new way of thinking  or a new beginning especially with a message or  a phone call

Allow people or situations to be over, don't allow yourself to get emotionally  sad about it, because  you have new positive  changes coming into your life, and today  you'll see some signs of  the positive changes to come

This  could be  a mental journey,  or  a lesson to be learned that will put  you in a state of a peace of mind, opportunities will be knocking today that will make you feel very confidence

Some worries are  going through your head especially when it  comes to  coworkers, you  could be letting go    , or changes that are coming up soon

Positive beginnings bring about great energy and manifesting , this is time to go with your gut, and to nurture yourself

This is  a great day to  hear call backs from interviews or job opportunities making you feel happy and confident , and bringing a blessed day to you 

Take it easy today with the energy , this is  time where you are mentally  frustrated and emotionally , go through the emotions ; try to balance your emotions by giving yourself  some alone time, a time to meditate and leave the  negative emotions alone. It's not going to change your present, and it's not going to help your situation either