Monday, March 11, 2013


Your mind could be focus on money , and saving money today, which could make you feel overwhelmed with worry or anxious energy 

There is definitely a shift in the energy  today, that could have you thinking differently making things that you want to happen , happen ,oh yeah

You could see changes happening today, that will be more in  your favor even though these are not the big changes you are hoping for at least they will give you the recognition and attention you deserve

You could have some doubts or concerns that are stopping you from making plans or  continuing on with your plans, take time during this mercury retrograde to meditate on your thoughts and ideas

You are trying to get to the bottom of things today as someone may not be telling you everything , or you  could be thinking about cutting someone off

This is  great energy for recognition and some positive finical changes to be made in your life today, opportunity knocks just be ready for it

You are all about the team work even though you 'll be pulling your weight  more than others be patient with other people around you

I feel that today people close to you  could be concern  for your well being or maybe a bit  worried about you, so it may seem like their  being nosy but you could be a bit closed off to the world and not even know it

Today you  friendship dynamics could change , new people  could enter your life while other ones  grow closer, a great day to really know someone

Your focus is on the home today or  it could be on yourself so get positive and have faith, you could be thinking about someone from the past today

Loyalties may change, or you could have change in heart when it comes to certain people in your life , you could feel disconnected, well remember it takes one person to pick up the phone :) just saying

Looking back on the past today, while you  should be staying in on the present you could feel a bit lethargic with the heavy energy some of  you are carrying, but stay in the present during this slow process as things are happening behind the scenes