Tuesday, March 12, 2013


You could be moving forward with new ideas, or new experiences bringing you more confident and a different  frame of mind, and a more positive mentality

You be challenged by past situations , coming back to  haunt you, not to worry  it's just  something you need to take care of , and you'll find your world  in perfect order again
Today you  could be  putting your foot down and taking your stand when  it comes to certain people or situations, ultimately resulting in a positive situation, even if you don't see it now

The moon in aries and mars in aries, try to remove the me, me,me, from  your conversation and your   frame of mind  

You are pretty head strong when it comes to  following your own drummer, the past could get to you today, as you drift in and out thoughts of the past, but all in all a  productive day for you 
The moon in aries in the 8th house  and mars energy in the sign of aries brings about some adventure and new experience with your partnerships

The moon and mars in the sign of aries in your seventh house, giving you the ability to say what's on your mind and make you a bit aggressive especially when it comes to  getting your way, I feel sorry for the person that said "NO" to you today
The moon and mars in your sixth house making this a productive day as you have the energy and extra  energy to get things that need to be done , done.

The moon and mars in your fifth house bringing about your adventurous side ; your fun side you can't help it , all you want to do is play
The moon and mars in your fourth house could bring about  your jealous side , as you take your relationships or you could be taking things a bit to seriously which is a good thing because things will get done, but no one likes to be boss, but Capricorn's don't mind to be the boss

The moon and mars in your 3rd house turning your words into action, so this is a good thing because at least you mean what you say

The moon and mars in your second house brings out  the shark in you pisces making you a bit aggressive when it comes to  work or when it comes to making money