Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Daily Scope by Marie Moore for February 07,2013

Today seems to be  a bit more like things are  falling into place, giving you hope, and it  bit more confidence, and security, or maybe really good sense of hope

You  feel like  you  have this responsibility   to take  care of  other people especially there finical needs and resource it makes you feel appreciated and helpful   

Relationship especially close relationships will be the focus, you  or  your partner may be  a bit more moody, or  a bit of nurturer towards each other.

You  have this  great energy  today  to work, whether it be at work or at home,  you  have this need to  keep busy 

Your ego may peek through today as it's wanting some attention, try to control your ego and remain humble , it's the ego talking today try to stay grounded  

Try to remain grounded especially  when it comes to your emotional self , they may run a muck today, also home is where the heart is for you 

You are open and honest about  how  you feel towards a certain someone or  situation no matter how much your honesty is not needed it you can't help yourself. On the plus side your honest and  you are very creative today 

Depends how your finical situation is , it's how your mood is going to be don't allow the almighty dollar dictate your emotions  remain in control today of your emotional self 

You have the quality of a cancerian today , you are very much a nurture towards others and  you wear your emotions on your sleeve, you have a loving energy around you 

You have your poker face on today,  as  you think and talk big, and have this need to go out and do something fun, you are optimistic today despite any set backs

Today is a good day to start new projects and goals, as you are more open minded and feeling confident about  the future. For  some of  you  today  you may want to surround yourself with friends and go out on an outing

This is  some great energy  today as  you are ambitions and feeling up to any challenges that come your way today, you could  have some  doors opening for you