Monday, February 18, 2013

Daily Scope for February 18,2013

You  could be allowing other people's concerns get the best of  you , as you feel that you are obligated to do  right by some people or you owe them 

Careful today,  especially with certain contracts offers that may come up today, it could be something that to good to be true, read the fine print

Loyalties today could be tested  especially where work or  group environment is  concern don't take any chances right now , be an observer instead of  a reactor 

There could be some unwanted fears cropping up in your head know that  changes  and signs of  change are coming up today watch for the signs, let go of the worry 

New opportunities could come your way today, but  take  care as to not  enable someone in your life, you could be worried over sick  about this person  

Plans may get derailed today have  faith and courage that everything will work , worst comes to worst the motto for the  Virgo  "I'll do it my dam self" which is most likely to happen    

You  could be  partnering up with someone on some kind of  money making idea, or just making plans with someone in general today this person could really  give you the push you need

That some of  you today  could be  focusing on your love relationship, and supporting your mates in the changes that are taking place in their life , just be a listening ear

Have faith that everything will work out , this is  time where you  could  find  yourself wanting to play but trying to find the time may prove difficult today

You  could be  going through a personal transformation or spiritual growth as you start new  chapter or projects in your life but make sure that you  can follow through 

You  have some reservation but  let them go especially when it comes to new changes coming into you life be aggressive  and go for yours today 

There are changes coming into your life watch the signs as  you are feeling more in control of   your life and are able to walk away  from situations, or some one