Monday, February 11, 2013

Daily Scopes for February 12,2013

Changes are coming to you as everything today seems like a process but also know this process is  a learning experience, and for the better

Today  brings about  changes in your life as new messages or good news today, people from your past may reconnect to you, we only have one week till mercury retrograde so  you  could be  experience some of this energy already 

Love relationships maybe  the focus  today, and new ones may be in the  works for some of  you 


Have faith  and meditate on certain things that may be  revealed, they  could be  nagging at you today as well, be careful  with   your thoughts and not  harbor on  the same old thoughts because it  could get overwhelming 

Have courage that  everything will work out the way  you want you today,  there could be  a  few minor obstacles  but know that everything will work out 

Let go of unnecessary fears as new beginnings or new experience could make  you feel accomplished and in control of  your situation 

Your confidence soars today as loving  energy is coming around bringing  support to new experience making  you  feel very child like 

You could have some changes or hearing some new when it comes to family or an addition to the family , also  you  good find out that  you have a secret admire, enjoy  the attention  

You could be  making plans in regards to  your finical situation especially  when it  comes to  your home , also  you 'll find support from other people especially those who are higher up 

You could be  a bit upset as things are coming to light about  a current relationship, also for some of  you this week  you  could find  yourself involved in long process that will be more of  a life lesson 

Sometimes blessings coming out of bad situations, no that a situation is  ending because your lessons there are over and new ones are coming for you soon    

You are feeling  fierce and confident today  but Debbie downers could be  surrounding you , don't allow their fears to affect you