Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Daily Scope for February 28,2013

You  are making healthy choices or decision for  you mental health  or  your health in general.   You are making positive changes and feeling good about it

You have high expectation  for current plans be careful because others may not enjoy  your enthusiasm , also today you  over come  what seem to be  a mountain

With the moon in Libra  today  you  could be  cherishing your relationships, and loving the attention. With this energy it's  time to meet someone new but remember it  could be a lemon

The moon in Libra in  your fourth house , you  are showing your  family that you care for them , and  you want to be appreciated for your actions

The moon in Libra in your third house , you 'll have a problem keeping  a lid on your emotions. This is a good day to see some positive changes come about

Today  your  past experience could be coming up , but for your own good this is to see if you learned from prior experiences let go of your worries and anxiety, this could be an experience you already been through

Follow  your intuition  because it could lead you to new beginnings , for some of  you , you could be walking away from a person or  situation 

The moon in Libra in your 12th house you could be  nurturing to others around, or  feeling this need to help others  in need today

Today the moon is in Libra in your 11th house  making friendships top priority, this could be issues that you have with them , or just wanting to have fun with them
The moon in your 10th house this could be a time where you are more helpful to others, and creative with the way you handle crisis  situations

The moon in your 9th house in the sign of Libra this is time to explore who you really are, and bring your actions into a better prespective

The moon in  Libra in the 8th house brings out your nurturing side with your love relationship, you  could be putting extra hours in at work to get the attention you  deserve or just show that you are a hard worker