Monday, February 4, 2013

Daily Scopes for February 05,2013

You  could be  giving  great enlightenment or  a really  good idea. People  try  to make  decision for  you, it  seems you  already  made up your mind .

You  could be  a bit worried when it  comes to  your  love relationship, sometimes it's  okay  to  take  a stand especially  when  your in the  right

You have  good intentions  today as  you  take on the responsibility  of someone else and show extreme support in there dreams, or  there transition into  a new situation , or  chapter in there life

As new opportunities become open  to you, you could be making  serious decisions  on leaving a work situation, or  leaving  a situation for  new one 

This is  a good  day   for opportunities or  recognition at work , and a little bit of  incentive as well, this is a much  needed pat on the back  that  will give you confidence and peace of  mind 

It is  fun to be in love but it's  not cool when others start voicing there opinions about  your relationship or  who you are involved with  don't allow  this to worry you 

You are in a optimistic as  you  are  seeing  positive  changes coming into your life,  for  some  you  today  you could planning on   a trip to meet someone you've been thinking about    

Today  you  could be thinking  or brain storming  your next step, sometimes that means starting all over, or moving on

You  are using your poker  face today  as people try to read  you, this makes  you a great negotiator, and you'll have an easy time  making people think 

This is  time where you  could be  starting up new goals, or making new friends as  the moon in scorpio enters your 11th house today

Allow yourself to  get help as others are more than willing to help ,  once you know you'll see your  confidence soar
People maybe  concerned or  worried about  you , but they don't know how strong you really are new situations are comming that will have  you bit more busy  than usual