Thursday, February 28, 2013

Daily Scope for March 01,2013

 You  could be  thinking about all  the great possibilities when it comes to your goals.Also today you  could be  feeling responsible for some people in your life that are having a difficult time 

You  could be  testing  out  plans today to see which one works, or which one will take flight but know these ideas come with lessons

This is  time to be an observer and watch the situations happen around you,  you  could be seeing some signifignicant changes around you today, but know things will go back to normal after mercury goes direct, no worries

Your  way  of thinking may change today, especially when it comes between love and work. You  could feel overwhelmed about  new relationships  comming into your life

You  could be feeling a bit overwhelmed  with  errands or  being  pulled in different directions, know that things will get better
You  have friends in high place that  could help you when you need it, this  could have you thinking  about making changes in your life 

You could be thinking about the past or some one from your past, possibly family member or close to the family keep thinking of them , there could be a surprise meeting

You are taking leadership and control especially with your home or family life, you are taking back control, but don't go second guessing yourself

Learn from past mistakes, and try not to repeat them, you have some fresh starts coming to you , just be sure you learned from your mistakes 

You have some new experience coming up , and  you  could be looking  at your financials and feeling proud and secure, and  having a sense of peace of mind

This is  a great day to see things manifesting in your life, as you leave a bad situation or person, you 'll start seeing changes in your life

You could be dealing with old fears especially  when it comes to your finical situation , or someone in your life that you don't want to see could be creeping back into your life