Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Daily Scope for February 14,2013

Today  there could be some lovely surprise or some heavy flirting going on today, Then  we have some of  you today walking a way for a relationship that is  no longer working for , this could be a friendship

A few nuances going on this loving day, but not to worry  for some  of  you changes is starting to come into your life or signs of  change are propping up  

This  could be  a very busy day for you, but also a day  of doing something nice for yourself and that special some one today  follow  your intuition and have  faith that everything will work itself out 

This  could be  a time  for  you to see some changes  going on especially  with work , or you could be  hearing  about  job opportunities today, this could also be a day where you  are going to  try to squeeze some time for some play 

You could be  feel especially  creative today when it comes to that special one, so put those creative talents into some fun use especially with that special other, grrr   

Great money opportunities are coming up to you today this is  a time for a good pat on  the  back, and take advantage of  the opportunities that come by 

Be careful with some life experience that may come up today , they  could lead to fears and regrets, take the punches as they come, there just life many lessons for you to learn, a correction that you need to make with in yourself

There could be  some burdens in regards to certain family members but don't worry  they will appreciate  your help, and also they could be going through changes   

You  could be taking some chances that may be taking  some major life changes or new beginnings but know that these new changes may come with some strings attach

You could have some unnecessary worries that maybe creeping into your head , don't allow them to affect you because it will put you in a state, look at the good you have and appreciate them and they will give you confidence and pride, and sense of fulfillment 

Dont ever feel stuck , because your not stuck this is  your path , your choice and  you are making changes and creating another path for yourself because you didn't like that path anyways

You have to be patient with circumstance or your money situation listen to your dreams and follow your intuition especially in regards to  your family, your just seeing  something coming