Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 26,2013 Daily Scope

Today  you  have the courage and the support you need to walk away from a situation, or leave a bid relationship. Your focus is also on what 's best for you and for your family as you are still feeling the moon in virgo and changing habits
Loyalty may be put into question either yours or friends, changes with relationship are happening people are leaving ; new ones are forming gives you alot to think about 

Keep the energy positive today there could be more responsibility  or lessons going on so  those higher ups could be a bit  harsh to you but know they expect more of  you which is good, because they notice you  than not  

This is  time for reflection and meditation , follow your intuition today but try not to get to stuck about the future and try to stay in the present for peace of  mind  

You are making things happen and helping out others in the process, people are looking at you and wanting to help you as well.  This is a good day  to watch some blessings happens  

People may consider you a bit stubborn as you follow the beat of  your own drum, but  your expectations could be to high be a bit more realistic with your expectations today

You  could be  experiencing some changes at  work , or making some big changes yourself, but  of  course with changes come stumble blocks so don't allow them to bother you 

It  could  get a bit dramitical today  with people  allow them to walk , go with the  flow of the energy be more of  an observer they  could be  giving you signs that changes are happening , you  do have saturn in scorpio despite it being retrograde

You are very confident, as people are proud of  what  you are  doing, keep  doing  what  your  doing because  it seems to be working

You are  talking  to the right people that are supporting , you could be thinking about someone from your past that has left , or  someone  could be leaving  your life today know it's only temporary

You  could be  over thinking as things seem to  be  going  your  way , you have some fears, and are feeling a bit overwhelmed , relax let the energy do  what it's going to do 

You  are  supportive of  your relationships,  and  things that you want to happen today will happen so  come on get happy, you are feeling more control in your life