Sunday, February 10, 2013

Daily Scope for February 11,2013

Today  others in need  may rely on you  for some help, there's help and then there's to much help, know your limit

You are feeling very confident today as  you  may be the center of  attention as others maybe  wanting  your attention today 

Today  is  a great day  to get your way, possible career changes maybe on your way today, or  you  could be thinking about  leaving  your job, just do it before mercury retrograde

Listen to  your  dreams, and  follow your intuition today,  you  could be looking or thinking about  green pasture, but is it always better on the other side ??

Today  try not to be in your head as  your thoughts or  anxieties may worry,  don't look at what other have they could be struggling just as much as  you  are, just not showing or talking about it

Your nurturing side is coming out today  as  you try not to pick sides and try to be everyone  friends, be careful with this soon someone will want  you choose  

You  are very  helpful at work today  and  wanting to  help everyone  at work, try not to put to much on your plate
The focus  could be on the family today, also allot of  flirty  energy going on with the moon in Pisces  you could see allot of  attention coming your way , have fun 

The  focus is  on the home as it is  your safe haven  of loving energy ,  you could be thinking or feeling motivated to be creative today  

You  could be very creative or charming with your words, you be able to influence others with  your charm

You could  feel  creative today, but try to stay level headed as your finical situation could determine your mood  

This is  a time where  you  need to  develop confidence a take advantage of any opportunity coming  your  way