Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Daily Scope for February 21,2012

There could be some worries and sense of being overwhelmed with some of the major changes happening in your life,  know that these changes are not bad nor they are good these are lessons that you have to go through. Learn them  and you 'll see the blessings  come to you 

Don't allow doubt to carry your thoughts, you have allot of positive things to look forward to today, take control and just do , and you'll feel accomplished and happy that you did  

Continue with the good mood you were in this morning don't sweat the small things, or what people may say to you.  Opportunities for  a new career  or promotion may come up which will have you making some big decision that you could financially benefit, don't allow emotional attachments keep you from moving

Your patience is paying off  where your career is concerned management could offer you  better opportunities  or a chance to move up , you  could be taking on new responsibilities or learning some thing new that will help you in your career   
There could be some new direction that your current love relationship could be going in today possibly changing up old routines and adding a bit of spicy to send you purring like a kitten, meow 

Things are looking up for you today, it could get a bit intimidating as things possibly for some of you never work out and now  everything is falling into place just go with the energy you have to much good going on for you today to be stressed
You are feeling more in control and responsible today, but don't allow others to dictate to you how you should do things, you have great control and are loving , treat them like white noise and ignore your haters

Changes are coming, luckily for you these are the changes you wanted to come in your life, good or bad you wanted them, hopefully good, follow you intuition today. For some of  you , you could be at the right place and the right time
I feel that people right now  especially coworkers maybe  giving you some grief be patient with the energy today, this might be the day  you actually decide to  stop talking to someone at work
Looks like some of you could be a bit more spiritual than usual follow your intuition  I feel that you have some accomplishments in your life to  feel proud about and sign of good things to come as well   

You could be feeling a bit more in control of your destiny or a situation, but also with this feeling comes along a sense of being overwhelmed so try not to bite more than you can chew, and don't allow worry and doubt to play with you   
Today is a peaceful day of course for some this is your birthday so you are probably in party mode, and for some of  this is the continuation of your birthday celebration.  For others you could be a bit worried about your finical situation know that things will get better even during this saturn and mercury retrograde