Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Daily Scope for February 13,2013

Some challenges or obstacles could pose difficult but they are consider blessings, know that you  are going through a personal transition or the start of  some life changes. For some of you this could be a wake up call

You may need to  put your balls on today  as opportunities or  certain decision may need  you  to act quick , this  could be  a start of  new beginning but  you  have to take the initiative

You  could be  stuck in a rock in hard place as people will have you  wanting to pick sides or make decision that have nothing to  do  with you  

Some one  could confide in you about how they really  feel about you, is love in the air, are you ready for that kind of  attention ??

Today is  a good  day  for meditation in regards to certain people or  circumstance in your life, your  going to feel like  your hands on  are tied for now   

You  have some unnecessary fears and worries when it  comes to people or  circumstances in  your life, do what makes  you happy, and is right for  you  not for everyone else, say that naughty word "NO".

You  could be  waiting for  something to come on that  could be new start or new beginning know it will happen just be patient 

There could be  a situation  that will have  you  doing the right thing, and  feeling  good  and in control of  your self, you don't have to toot your own horn others will do it for  you , toot toot

Today  ideas for the home or  family  could be in the works, today  is  a great day  for  planning  and  watching  your seeds that you have planted grow ( Ask, Believe , Receive)

You may have move in   a new direction when  it  comes to getting around blockages or stubborn  circumstances that seem to be in your  way 

You  need to  be careful with  certain people in your life especially  in regards to  work, you have to make sure of  your paper trail and be sure to treat the situation  with kids glove

Follow  your intuition and listen to your  dreams as things in your life begin to  look up , and things are beginning to manifest in your life , watch for the signs