Thursday, February 7, 2013

Daily Scope for February 08,2013

Today  you shine at  work as well as with  friends, you are feeling a bit more ambitious  and a desire to  get things done. You really feel in charged just try  to be  patient with others

 Greener pastures are looking better today or is it better ?? you  are feeling ambitious  with making changes, you  are focus on school and curious about  learning new things, or  updating  your skills on your business

Don't look at what others have  today  we all have different roads and rewards  that we get through this life be blessed and happy  with what you  have, be happy for the other and know your turn is next  

You  could be looking for emotional support or  some around  you could be looking for you to  nurture them, know that  the nurturing has to start with the self, the individual before we can emotionally connect to another 

Your helpful nature comes out today, as you  help out friends and co workers with their desires or needs today.   Also  try to keep the emotional self grounded because  your  emotions can  run a muck today

You  have this need to  be the center of attention as  you need to do something  fun or  have an adventure, also for  some of  you the focus  could be  around children 

Your home and  family brings  you strength and security, also  working  over time, or being more  focus on work today is  giving you need of  security 

Your focus may vary today if  your  doing something then  you be able to focus but if  your listening  what ever it is  your trying to focus will not  keep  your attention for long

There could be  some changes with  your  finical situation today so be careful with  your spending .  Also how  you  feel today  at work coincides with  how  your  work day goes so have a great day and feel bless

Focus today on yourself as  your insecurities may crop about  yourself, you may  take it out on the world, try to  keep the focus on  the good things going on with you, and all the good you have done, your fabulous you know it

You have to  keep your emotional self in check today as your subconscious and conscious mind maybe in conflict with each other  

Your confidence our high as people  and friends  support and  want to enjoy your  company this will give you a sense of  security which some of  you have not felt in a really long time