Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Daily Scope for February 27,2013

Think about   the  past today  have faith that you  are in control of  your  future despite the lessons that  you have to encounter especially with people who have  recently come back into your life 

Your  way  of  thinking may change today, there are some changes coming  about today, you'll know who your  friends really  are 

Money  issues or how  to spend  your money  could be  on your mind especially  when it comes to joint finances, when it  comes to  your finance  you are almost out of  the woods 

Change of energy is  around  you, new energy  is  starting to stir as well, love  relationship may come into question, so take things slow in the love department, or take things slow with  new relationships 

You have to try  to work through some of  the obstacles today, but  know this energy or experiences  will give  you  chance to know  yourself  better, especially  when  you  get into one of  your dark moments

Your  fears and worries about  a love relationship could cause some damage on your relationship, look at the  good in your relationship and  how  far you two have come  before giving into your jealousy  or  anxieties .For  some  of  you  could be  thinking about past relationships and romanticizing those relationships   

Your intuition is  on point today  especially  when it comes to people who can help you, love  relationships are  getting a bit stronger for some of you, for others  this is time were your relationship will be tested

Today  you are very aggressive and straightforward, you are in this work mode of  getting things done, but  also take this time to meditate or  to really mull things over as  an opportunity  may come to you 

New responsibilities or new rules  could have  you feeling a bit excited or nervous . Take things slow as  this is  a  mercury retrograde and you want everything to be perfect

You have allot of money making ideas following through your head jot them down quickly because  by the end of  the day those awesome ideas could be gone

For  some  of  you , you could be complaining a bit to much and  people are being polite, let  go of  your worries  things  will soon  change when  mercury goes direct 

What ever hump in your life  you have been trying to get  over, you'll over come it today, this will make you feel  very confident like you can conquer the world