Thursday, February 14, 2013

Daily Scope for February 15,2013

You have people in your life that support and love you and will nurture you  as  go through new beginnings or   adjustment in your life 

You  could have some unnecessary worries as the universe is  working in your  favor just may not be on your time so do try to be a little bit patient with the bigger things you want 

The energy today could be  a bit tense so TGIF, just be careful with looking at  what every one has or what people are being offered today because it could just be just talk, mercury retrograde is being felt a bit early so don't take things at face value till after mercury goes direct

You are focus on money today, and the mind is definitely on your money , you  are practicing restraint in how you spend , and really being very conservative especially tonight when it comes to hanging out with friends

The energy is looking up for you today as new changes are happening around you could be learning some new responsibilities or new lesson, the pressure is on so don't internalize everything thats happening just go with the flow

You have support from loved ones as  you leave a bad situation or  relationship but with this change comes some lesson, or  you owning up to somethings

There could be some new beginnings , and  you  could  start seeing some people gossiping around you have allot of  good  going with especially financially don't allow them to  ruin your lucky spree

There could be some chance encounters with people from your pass that will present you with some opportunities or help sleep on it before you  make your decision

Have patience with the craziness going on today, you  could be feeling overwhelmed but know that  this is  time not to stress to go with the  flow and keep the energy  positive

You  could  find  yourself  with some positive business opportunities or signing some  contracts or  making deal with some people , know this time of  new beginnings

This  could be a busy time for  you as  you are making things happen for yourself  for the better, you have the energy to make it happen and to start making strides especially where money is concerned

Follow your intuition  and  go ahead with new plans today or  ideas know that you are the captain of your destiny make things happen that you want to happen in your life, start today