Sunday, February 17, 2013

Daily Scope for February 18,2013

Today  then energy brings about confidence and changes with in yourself especially where relationships are concerned, for some of  you , you could be looking at a move 

The changes that are coming to you today could be to much to fast but don't worry  you'll have the backing and emotional support to go through the changes

Be patient of others and that serious disease called stupidity, people may try to  pass the buck on to you , so  don't react, don't feed into the energy and know eventually the truth will come out    

You could be intimidate by those in authority these could be unnecessary fears don't intrigue these thoughts allow yourself to be positive and just keep swimming

There is definitely change in the air as a message  makes you a maverick and this need to control and protect, and to get involved but be careful because this could cause some  major changes 

Don't allow yourself to be worried sick , everything is  going to work out , keep positive think positive and  you'll be happy to see how everything is working out 

Today you are able to read people especially your partners needs and feelings, there could be some unnecessary anxieties so  stay emotionally grounded 

People who love you could be worried about the decision that you are making today, know that you  are determine to get her done as this will bring some  finical gains your way 

Today  is  a great day  for supportive energy  especially where work is concern you'll know what to do and say to get your way , or to get more support on your side

Keep strong and tred carefully as  you  have a fight on your hands to get your way, the energy is very competitive and there are some decision that have to be made but you'll come out on top 

You could be  offered a new job opportunity, one chapter ends and the other one opens, know people do  support your decisions and are ready to help when you need it

You are very confident  and  you are able to take control of  certain situation, don't allow other people's worries to enter in your head, these are their concerns not yours