Thursday, February 21, 2013

Daily Scope for February 22,2013

This is  time for reflection and to look back on past mistakes and try not  to repeat them again, work on letting go your  worries and fears today
This is  day  where you  might have allot of  thinking to do , and not really  forcing issues but difently allowing certain issues to play with your head today, take this time for meditation , where you can not make sense of the situation
You could be  go through some kind of  a learning experience, as everything seems to be a road block, or  a process take it as it, and pay attention to the lessons behind them
Family  is on your side ready  to listen and give you advice, a lot of love is coming to you so embrace the present and let the past alone, and let the future begin on God's time
Love relationships are the focus , give and take is the game, use your charming self to get your way or to  help  you partner today 
You are not taking people's crap today, I wish some one would have  told them the memo, you are in charge  and taking names, but do be easy on everyone else 
Be careful with your new beginnings  as  your fears could get the best of you, and your new beginnings could be of the decisions you have to make but know they are only temporary 
Follow your intuition especially where your family is  concerned, this is  a great time for meditation, as you 'll go through a spiritual journey
You and your partner are like a  two peas in a pod, you both have each others back, which gives  you allot of confidence and support
An offer may be made today  but this would be a good time to sleep on it, nature your close relationship and friendship today, and they will show your loyalty
You have allot of  support and friends looking at for  your best interest, today  for some of  you love is in the air especially with that close relationship
Lots of  changes happening  this is a time to be more focus on your spiritual self and  to try  to not be so reactive to what the outside world is throwing back at you