Monday, June 6, 2016



A changeable or unstable social life might be a reflection of inner emotional unrest. Also with this energy you get fulfillment when helping others. People are there for you when you need just ask with this energy. You have the concentration and ability today, to channel your energy into something constructive.


Watch your emotional self what ever vibes your putting out , your getting back today. With this energy you are very good with customers you know what they want. Also the focus is on work. With this energy it shows emotional fulfillment when you help others. .


Watch your emotional self because you a T-square 3,6,9. With this energy you may feel restricted by others and you may feel stuck in your situation. You are never stuck you are allowing yourself to feel that way. Fights with others maybe the catalyst to make some changes in your life


You may get into arguments with others today and see their point of view. Only to  help make your arguement. It's difficult telling you what to do with this energy . As you may be doing your own thing and following your drum today


With this energy , you seem to be on the same page with everyone around you. Also with this energy you all want the same thing. For some of you , you are getting along better with people you normal dont get along with .


Arguments with mother or a female member of your family can happen today. Careful with this energy , you tend to be a bit lazy and indulging in bad habits or with food. Also with this energy brings allot of attention or focus on you. This could be other people getting you involved in their fights


Your actions and feelings are more towards peace and creating a peaceful environment. You tend to steer clear of gossip or melodramatics from anyone today. You might be more quiet and to your thoughts or delving more into spirituality .


You have a beautiful kite energy. Watch your emotional self with the moon in Cancer. This is pointing to making money today or getting what you want. For some of you, you are doing things to better yourself or your community with this energy. This is a good time to solve problems-allow yourself to be led to the right answer.


Watch your emotional self today. You may be a  bit impulsive or an over reactor with this energy. I feel also today change is coming up and you maybe a bit stubborn embracing the new. This can cause you to make some emotional decisions. 


With this energy the focus is on family. You may be thinking more about the past with this energy. Also you are very nurturing with family and friends.You maybe planning get togethers or creating new traditions with your family 


Change can happen today for better or for worst so keep the energy positive. When you take time to reflect on certain things or to be quiet. You can come up with some good ideas or even creative ideas with this energy. You flow easily and can adapt to almost any circumstance that arises. The fewer your expectations, the more enjoyment you experience. 


Lots of communications going on today . Also with this energy careful with health; your emotional self may make you sick during this time. Try to let go of your worries and doubts. You are not about hard work today and maybe working smarter not harder with this energy.