Sunday, June 26, 2016


Monday prayer at 10pm Eastern Standard Time  come join me on the youtube for the event. To help spread peace and thoughts towards great consciousness  


Moon in your 8th house, you have an easier time getting to the bottom of things and can call people out on their bull. Try to use couth today with this energy especially at work. For some of you I do see career changes happening or thoughts of career change can come up. Any changes that you do want to make today maybe difficult. Or you may have allot of opposition towards it


Moon is forming a T-square today with your 1,7,10. Changes for better or worst can happen today with relationships. New people can come in , and fights can happen with others. Try to keep the energy positive today in regards to career. I feel it can get a bit stressful today.


This is a good day for working because you have this need to be on top of things and to be a bit more organized than usual. I wont be surprise if some of you start giving out cleaning orders to everyone. I feel with this energy for some of you , you need to listen to your own advice


Whether at work or maybe at home with family today you feel a real connection is being made with a certain group of people with this energy. I feel also with this energy slow down your reactive self at this time. I feel disagreements with others can turn into real fights. This energy can really ruin your day. Try not to give in to ego because ego needs to be right


You need to becareful with over reacting to situations especially in regards to others and what they want to do.You may have a hard time balancing your energies especially male and female energy. Slow your way of thinking with this energy. Love relationships or even family relationship can be difficult at this time. Because the way you maybe interpreting what they are saying or doing


  Moon conjunct part of fortune in the third house. Watch your thoughts because they might real become things right now. You are very creative at this time. What ever it is that you feel like you need to do at this time;is your intuition talking to you, so listen


Power struggles with friends can happen also changes with your friendship can happen with this energy. You may feel that you out grew some people. You may feel the need to start deleting some people off your social media page because certain things they post bring you down


I feel with this energy brings a fight with in the self. With what you want to do and what you are obligated to do because of other obligations that you made. At this time want to break but can't. Expect the unexpected to happen today either with work or your daily routine .


With this energy you are in a good head space. But you prefer to be by yourself or more with your thoughts. You are in a better head space , you are very creative with this energy. For some of you, you maybe in hippie mode and just very excited about life today :)


Careful with gossip today because it seems like everyone wants to repeat what you've said. You are very talkative so try to have a bit of filter while your talking .  I feel your very excited to do plans are coming up or you might even be making plans this week


I feel not the best energy for work. I feel that  work can be a bit defeating today or there's allot of pressure your putting on yourself. This pressure to get your job done well. I feel that today things happen but you may take a bit harder. Try to go more with the flow and leave work at work today  


Today the moon in your ninth house forms a beautiful fire trine your Ascendant. You might be in a very good headspace with this energy. Also a great energy for the power of prayer or the law of attraction. For some of you thoughts and plans are more towards travelling . While others are working on their goals.