Saturday, June 25, 2016



For some of you , your love relationship becomes the focus this week. I do see new love coming in this week or this can be the ex calling. This is a busy week communicating with other people.You need to watch your emotional self this week because it can be a fabulous week. Or this week can ride like a pony on a Tuesday with spurs.Decisions you make this week will lead you on a new path. The cards want to acknowledge even though you lost this battle. Also with this energy you may make bad news that happen at this time. More into a growth period finding lessons in the situation. You may not be able to control the flow of bad news, but you can control how you respond to it.I do see you getting up and doing battle again, so it's not over. The cards do show me that this week you'll have someone ear, who can make the changes you want to see done.


Relationships especially love relationships are the focus . I see some of you dealing with custody battles this week  or having unfinished business with the ex.  I do see in regards to decisions that you are making. I do see that the decisions coming is going to bring about changes. For some of you at this time may not be ready nor wanting to make any serious changes. The cards want you to know it will be alright , it's all in your head. I feel also that you make deeper connections with the people in your life. Love relationships I do see deeper connections and really solidifying the relationship. For others this is a fun energy time to just date, but your heart may still be with past loves. Also try to be more in a place of gratitude because you have allot good but your looking at your money worries or your personal problems. To see the good which is ruining your alignment when your trying to manifest this week


One particular relationship this week stands out. I feel that theres been an on going problem with you working with this person. Even the relationship now maybe cordial , I feel at the same time this person will be helpful. Or this person may more than likely get transferred or quit because of the stress at work. Try to be positive with this energy, because the cards are telling me that you are more in control of your situation and destiny. Also you need to work on letting go of a situation that has past. You need to start owning your little part that you played in the situation . Work on the healing and releasing of that situation. It's time for real forgiveness and letting go of the negativity. Because it is causing problems in your reality. The cards want you to know that you will never receive an apology from some one who has hurt in the  past nor will they own up to their part. Keeping them in your thoughts is EGO wanting acceptance from that person.


This is a great time for new money opportunities to come up this week. These investment opportunities can really help give you a boost. Also your way of thinking about certain situations or people in your life are going to begin to change. Your relationships especially in regards to love your status may change for better or worst. I also see new love opportunities or some mad flirting going on this week. Watch your emotional self as you go back and for with the love me nots. Because you may sink in yourself in a depression with this energy.  This is a great energy time for you to try new things this week. For some of you this can be business projects or money opportunities coming your way. Or even a total career change can happen with this energy. Your feeling very inspired and motivate; looking for change in any way shape or form


I see you being very generous with your time and resources but specifically out of love with this energy. I do see you trying to create a new you this week. You might be change some bad habits or trying to rise above your astrological influence.Also with this energy, it shows me that you have allot of things on your plate right now. Try to take care of your responsibilities first so you don't feel overwhelmed. For some of you , you may make some major changes this week because you waited to long to take care of business. Now something has to be done. Also with this energy you are seeing the way things are going to be in over the next five years. This could be with your way of thinking very different from what is the norm now. But your way of thinking could be the norm five years from now


  With this energy try to look for balance in your life so you can help elevate your mood with this energy. For some of you the cards are showing that you are focusing on one area of your life like work. But try to incorporate a bit more rest and relaxation to balance you out. I do see this is going to be a good time for career. I do see you setting the bar at work when it comes to employees. Major decisions are going to come up with this energy in regards to help or a loan. I feel that this can come from a loved one or a lover. You aren't looking for hand me outs but if they help is there your thinking about taking it.I feel that this help may comes with strings attach. I feel also thoughts of certain people in your life are coming up. I feel that these are family or friends that you fought with in the past. Memories of them are coming  or you might hear about them through the grapevine.


I feel that this week is a very good energy week maybe even the best week ever. I feel also a great week for new love to come into your life. Your creative thinking is going to help in you in areas of your life where you've been stuck this week. A new love situation can come into your life, the cards are indicating this can be the real deal.  I see at this time your resting on your laurels which may not be good thing for the carebears. Because it means  your losing interest or even a sign that your thinking about changing course. For others I do see because of your choices and left to your own vices this can be a bottoming out period for you. Not to worry you can also very quickly this week you can turn it around .


Crushes may come out of the wood work with this energy and proclaim their love to you . I feel that you may think about . Something else to think about is money opportunities. I do see these new projects or money opportunities . Will be more about lessons than making a profit something to think about. Careful with that new money opportunity or  chance to make more money. Because I see you being manipulated into  it, and I see this person really pressuring you to make a decision.  I see at this time , it might not be the energy to move. I see allot of options coming your way or you may have allot to think about at this time. I feel something you've been waiting for  to happen .Is whats causing you  to stop and not move forward with ideas.  I also see love being an issue and thinking about breaking it off with your lover. But at this time your thinking no movement is happening.


With this energy you'll be teaching some one a valuable lesson.  I do see a new source on income coming in for you . Also this is a great time for social media because I do see people supporting your work .Also for your career. I do see good news and people supporting behind the scenes and talking you up. I feel at this time your way of seeing things and how some one else sees a situation differently may causes some clashes. If not some drama among a group of people. What you see as right and fair might totally offend someone. Also with this energy you need to trust your intuition. For some of you  tapping into your spiritual may give more peace and understanding in a situation than your realize. I also see opportunities to travel are coming with this energy. For some of you the focus can be going back to school or updating yourself on your career


I see an inner fight going on with yourself. With the materialistic self versus the spiritual self. I feel that at this time you want  to make changes in your life especially with you. I feel also with this energy that an opportunity is coming along that is going to make you turn a corner. I do see that you are more in control of your destiny than you realize. So as above so below  with this energy. Also to help you be in a better head space give yourself breaks. The cards are showing me other people taking advantage of you and you not realizing it. I see also with this energy this week, that you'll gain valuable insight to your journey ahead. You need to becareful with putting so much focus on one goal that you destroy all the good you already have .Like your relationships for example definitely an emphasis on balance in your life.


Little word of free advice and it's free so not many of you will listen. If it seems like a good idea at this time it probably isn't.  I  see in the cards you being spiteful but instead it's going to hurt you more than the other person or people your trying to get back at. At this time you are trying to do whats right and stay on a sane path. I also see litigations or negotiations going your way also coming to an end at this time. I see this is a fun time for dating with this energy and also if single . Getting to know yourself allot better and enjoy your time to yourself. The cards show that you should trust your intuition but if it involves hurting someone else or being passive aggressive. Thats probably the emotional self talking to you not the intuition. Also I do see a long term relationship coming to an end because it's a list of things that you don't like about the person


With this energy you need to becareful what you say to others. I don't see it being nice and I feel that they will always remember it  what you said. They may remind you every time  or when you say something . At this time really cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off this week. Also with this energy you are very reluctant to do things for others because you feel like others are taking advantage of you . Or you are doing to much work for what? I see the frustrations in the cards at this time. The cards do tell that the weight you are carrying you are going to have to carry a bit longer my fishies.Again becareful with your emotional self because I do see you reacting to situation . Remember everything is cause and effect