Tuesday, June 7, 2016



Moon in the sign of Leo, watch your emotional self today. You have a difficult time expressing your feeling because you are not use to it. It may cause some confusion or difficulties communicating what you want. Try to be as honest as possible with your feelings and try to explain where you are coming from


You love some good gossip today, also with this energy do try not to believe everything you hear. With this energy you are very creative. This is a great energy to delve into your hobbies. Also with this energy , for some of you ; your delving more into religion or even your family history


 Avoid the pessimism today. For some of you this could be a busy day at work. For some of you more hours at work coming your way. Also with this energy try to be humble. You got lot with honey than you do with spite and vinegar


You have "rare sense" aka common sense today. Today you are all about your peace and your peace of mind. So the focus maybe towards your home and creating a more peaceful environment in the home. Today you might be picking and choosing who you help or what drama you find yourself in. You may just take yourself out of


You need to becareful putting others on pedestals or expecting them to come through for you today, Make sure to have a plan B because this person may have already made other plans, or may bail on you today. I feel your thought process is allot better. You aren't giving people tongue lashing and your processing restrain with your mouth


This energy is  a very social energy. You appreciate others and what they bring into your life. Also with this energy careful with relying on others because they might disappoint.Not to worry you are very creative and you are able to handle any crisis that comes your way


Problems with mother or the women in your life can come with this energy. Also careful with your pocket because people can talk you out of your money. Careful with getting into arguments with others or trying to be right. Because you may be  or might take a bit personally . Which will ruin or affect the rest of your day


Slow down the train today because you are stepping on other people's feet. Or the people in your life want you to acknowledge their feelings or listen to their input.  It's much easier to talk you into other people's responsibilities today. It can be frustrating for you to always be chasing an ideal and to not be given any real opportunity to get satisfaction. Clarity in your interactions and correct evaluation of what you really want helps to bring more joy into your life and gives you better use of your energy.


This is a great energy for impactful conversations, and to really look for solutions to certain on going problems. The focus is around children for some of you. Also for others a great energy to move forward with your goals. Because you are able to channel your energy into what you want


This is a great energy to focus on cleaning or things that you've been avoiding. You have the energy now to tackle your responsibilities.  Also careful with this energy because if you are not channeling this energy into anything. You may get a bit restless with this energy  or a bit Katty with others


Change is happening today.For some of you thoughts of  going back to school are coming up. Also ideas on how to make more money. For some of you looking at a second  source of income with this energy. Also certain realities may come crashing down because you don't want to face certain problems


For some of you this is a great energy to practice restriction on your mouth. You have better self control with your emotional self. Also with this energy , a great time for good news to come your way. I do see more emotional stability in regards to your money situation improving or you getting what you want