Monday, June 27, 2016



There is allot of emphasis on career and business with this energy. For some of you this could be thinking about starting a business. For others thinking about getting a second job at this time. Court for some of you, might come today. There could be power struggles with money and possessions with this energy.


This is a fun energy time with others. Expect the unexpected from people. You may meet someone that is the total opposite of you. But yet still have allot in common with this energy.With this energy you are more in play mode and don't take very well to being told what to do. You maybe having powerstruggles with those in authority today.


You do today have this opportunity right now for just play if you choose. Some of you are more focus on work today but if you want to relax and play the energy is there for that. I feel at this time , you may have to open to others about what's been bothering.  If you do that you risk them seeing you being weak. I know you like that strong persona . Also it's okay to show people that you can be vulnerable to . Creates a better connection. Than you have to learn to stay in the relationship after you showed that person the real you.Oy 'vey things can get complicated with you today


Watch your emotional self today, you have that beautiful water trine the energy can go either way right now. Don't let it ride you today, instead tap into that Saggy energy and manifest away.  Try not to over exaggerate a situation going in your life. Or you may make it out more than what it really is.


Expect the unexpected when it comes to family, home, or property matters. I feel at this time certain family members may surprise you, or you may here some thing about like what have they been up too. Careful with your reactive self or what you say to others because everything is cause and affect today


Watch your emotional self with this energy , you don't make the best decisions at this time. I feel that you are very creative and forward thinking with what you want to do. For some of you, there can be fighting with neighbors or siblings with this energy. Try to avoid the trolls on the internet not worth it


This is a great time for money and career  expect the unexpected with this energy for the better. For some of you this energy can really help you turn a corner with your financial situation. Also try to be consistent with this energy in regards to goals, or will power because you have a tendency to check out mentally today. If you have deadlines to meet now is not the time to check out


You are really good at problem solving with this energy, and you can be objective towards situations going on in your life. At this time try to get a second or third opinion today before you go assuming things. I feel with this energy in order to get along with others you need to watch for social cues


Good news can come your way today. Keep your feet planted on the ground before thinking thoughts of future , future. Also with this energy you tend to see the good in everyone. So when someone else tells that  a certain person is being rude you cant see . Until it happens to you.This can be a good or bad thing down the road.  


With this energy you love get togethers. There could be some gossip at this time that brings you closer to some family members. At this time you might be planning get togethers. Or going out after work to enjoy other people's company.


This is a great energy time for you. I feel that this is a party energy and there could be celebration at work. Try not to make promises you can't keep with this energy. This is a beautiful energy and enjoying the company of others. You may feel important at work because you get along with everyone . You are handling fires as they come


Watch your emotional self today with the T-square going on 6,9,12.Your health can flair up at this time so careful with your thoughts. You tend to over react to situations with this energy. Try not to go assuming with this energy. You need to be consistent with your emotional and you need to work through your lazy moments with this energy