Thursday, June 16, 2016



All work and no play makes the wall flowers a dull boy and girl today. Today also focus on money, especially in regards to loans, your partners money, or alimony.The news you receive in regards to these matters may affect the rest of the day.It wasn't the news you were expecting  


Moon is forming a Yod with your money sector today.People maybe getting you involved in their drama or you might be called into work because someone got fired and they need some one their. Expect the unexpect with others today secrets can come out, things can come to ahead with relationships surrounding you today


Today you are looking for something to do and looking for like minded people as well. Sorry Debbie Downer Scorpio's don't want to party with you. Careful what you ask for or what you want because you may find it may have better as an idea  than a reality.You have an opportunity here to figure out your real values


You may find your children or lover very affection to you today or  wanting more of your attention. Also with energy love at first sight, if your single a great time to mingle.When it comes to romance you maybe breaking the rules of love


Careful with this energy because your not speaking and saying whats on your mind. You might get a bit passive aggressive and go behind people's  or over their heads to get things done. For others of you a fun social time for you. You may find yourself going out quite a bit this weekend


For some of you this can be a fun energy time for you. For others of you , your love life maybe a bit complicated, Secret lover complicated with this energy.  Also with this energy you are very ambitious with career . Also you are trying to get your life a bit organized with this energy


This is a fun energy time for you. Your inner child may come out to play today. Or you may be surrounded by children or people who are younger than you.Also with this energy you benefit from people who want to help you with career


This is a good influence for business, obtaining loans, taxes, and joint finances. With this energy if you go asking for help from others you may get it. Certain situations going on in your life don't make sense at this time and are out of your control. Don't try to control the situation wait till everything cools down to figure out whats going on


For some of you this is a good time for money, or you may have gotten your paycheck today. It's probably looking good giving you more emotional security.  Also with this energy careful with others. Trigger words or even thoughts of the past are coming up and are making you very reactive


This is a great energy of as above so below. For some of you sparks of miracles can happen with this energy . If your not doing anything with your day or being productive . You may feel a bit restless with this energy or a bit emotional


Moon conjunct with the part of fortune. You might find lots of people want to talk to you or go out with you today. For some of you the past maybe reaching out to you today. Remember the past has never nothing new to say. Plus it's a representation of this hamster wheel you put yourself  on


You could be fighting with yourself today . With whats the right thing to do and what you want to do. So careful with the decisions that you make because people are watching and ready to pounce on you when you do make the wrong decision.