Monday, June 13, 2016



Moon in Libra today, you need to watch what you say to people. Especially when you get reactive because things don't work out or  someone makes you upset. Because it may ruin your whole day or cause a bunch of unfortunate events. For some of you , you may lose a friend today because of things you say or do.


The focus is on family or mother today. Lots of communications going on between you and family. Moon is conjunct with part fortune, so the focus can also be on property matters, moving or buying or selling a  home. For some of you this is getting ready for get togethers this week


You need to becareful with your emotional self and the stories you may create in your head. Don't go assuming , just ask. Also with this energy this is a great energy for those you to delve into hobbies or to tap into your creative energy . You may feel very inspired today


Careful with your emotional self today, you may be like Dr, Jekyll and Mr, Hyde with your emotional self. You can take things personally today with certain comments or remarks. Or you may realize how much help or even dependent on someone else. This feeling of being stuck or trap can come up.


Expect some unexpected news or events when it comes to family today. Also watch how you treat others because the DIVA is coming out. You maybe a bit more bossy at work or want things done your way. Try to talk ego down from it's pedestal and be more about others


Watch your emotional self today. Wrenches can get thrown in your day, how you react to those wrenches is what and how it can effect your day. If your not happy in certain areas of your life. You may go ahead and fix it today or make changes to bring you more peace in your life


You are a bit more aggressive or competitive with the things you want. Try not to be a swore loser and try not to rub things in other people's faces if you win,keep it humble. This is a great energy for business or social media. Also with this energy you may find all eyes are on you or lots of communication going on with you


This is a great energy for those of you in sales or with social media because you know what people want. This is a great time for career , and this energy brings about growth. This is more of a fun energy time and you maybe not as disciplined as you should be or a bit more indulgent than usual.


Even though you try to not to make things or situations people tend to pull you into their drama or turn things on you. Also with this energy you may receive recognition at work.Careful with the decisions you make because they are based on you feeling restless.


You need to try to see the reality of certain situations in your life, because certain situations or people are not working out for you, and instead working against you. Even though you know this are willing to make changes or wait till matters get worst?


With this energy you may be feeling other people's energy. Meaning if you came into a room in a good mood and others are mad. You may find yourself in a bad mood and not know why.  You maybe feeling others people's hurt today but instead of being empathetic or being reactive to the energy. So make sure to acknowledge others you feel that are going through it. Just because they don't talk about whats wrong doesn't mean nothing is wrong


You are in good spirits today and this could be a fun energy time for you. I feel with this energy you may get talk into things you do or do not want to do. Also with this energy you are very giving.  Patience and perseverance pays off, and you are reluctant to take chances. This is a good time for serious reflection, particularly on those things and people that are near and dear to you.