Wednesday, June 29, 2016



Moon still in your seventh house, good news is coming your way  also with this energy great time for social media . Also with this energy very popular time for you. People just want to hang out and do something with you .


You have a beautiful earth trine today. This is a great time for money and career. With this energy you are very ambitious and very hungry for success. At this time I feel like it's King of the hill and some of you trying to stay on the hill. For some of you , you maybe a trend setter on social media


You have to much good energy to allow the changes in your relationship to affect you. I feel change is happening today and your actions maybe causing that change. So careful what you say to others with this energy. Successful negotiations and good news can happen today. Also a great time for flirting  


This is a great energy time with the part of fortune in the second to make money through creative pursuits. Also with this energy you tend to act on your hunches today. With this energy you may have an epiphany. Your philosophies or views with money may change


This is a great energy time to receive help and support from others. Positive changes can happen with career. This energy bring about growth. Also a great energy time for those of you in social media. You may find yourself making deeper connections with other. Today you are going to see you have strong network of people who love you


You have a beautiful kite energy with the moon in your second house. Good news with career can happen and a great time for business with this energy. With this energy things start to fall into place. For some of you have good time with your decisions


Beautiful energy day . Moon in your house is forming a kite. Good news can come your way. You are very optimistic and feeling a bit more secure with in yourself. Good news with money can happen today. Also watch your thoughts because thoughts become things


What ever you set out to do today, you can obtain it. I feel at this time any generosity you give to others is coming with a silent promise. That I do this for you today therefor I might need a favor from you in the future.


This is a great energy to go with your hunches because opportunities to make money or opportunities to make more money are coming up with this energy. This is a great time to move forward with career. For some of you , you are picking a direction and sticking to it


With this you have allot of good going on, but you can be your worst enemy. Try to go with the flow and go with the flow with these positive changes that are around you. Some might say you have the midas touch when it comes to money.


Love opportunities can happen at this time especially with those you spend allot of time with . I feel that this is a very social time for you. But also making connections with others give your deep emotional fulfillment


At this time change is happening and this is the start of new beginnings coming up. For some of you changing your way of thinking with certain situations. You have an easier time today with getting request in for the weekend or switching your hours. Also with this energy you have the right person's ear to make the changes you want to see