Wednesday, June 8, 2016

09 June 2016 Daily Horoscopes by Marie Moore


Wrenches may get throw in your way today. Instead of reacting because it's out of your control go more with the flow.Try to be more self aware of the emotional self because your emotions are up and down. Watch your body language, because your face may not being saying "everything is okay, it's over"


Watch your emotional self , you may have nervous energy or a bit of extra energy. Try to channel this energy into something productive today. Also with this energy you are more about your connections with your friends and nourishing those close relationships


Watch how you treat others today it may get you in drama or cause unnecessary drama in your life. Your stinger is coming out today so dial back the spontaneity and cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off.Changes with relationships can happen today for better or worst


Money is highlighted today , try to keep in aligned with the energies remember Jupiter conjunct north node is trining Pluto.With this energy you are more in a fun mood. You may be looking for an adventure or something exciting to do today. Also with this energy you are looking for recognition at work. If you don't receive you may be looking at another job


With the moon in your 8th house, you maybe researching or investigating investment opportunities or money opportunities. Also for some of you court is highlighted today. You have an easier time calling Bull on other people today . You can see right through their them


There can be tension with certain relationships or an elephant in the room.Things aren't being said to avoid argument so try to compromise with others or allow them to do what they are going to do, in the name of peace. Pick and choose your battles today


You may have to rely on yourself today, also  your self esteem is an issue. You need to realize your own personal power and self worth. Put yourself on a pedestal today. Also with this energy you may get talked into things you don't want to do. Like work over time or an extra day because someone else doesn't want too. You need to learn how to say that nasty curse word "NO"


You need to forgive and forget in order to continue certain relationships in your life.At this time there could be emotional confusion with relationship. Because you need to slow down and figure out what is it that you want from this relationship. Where do you want to see this relationship  go

Slow down today because you are moving to fast and making mistakes with this energy. Also with this energy you are bit gullible and you fall for other people's sob stories with this energy. Try not to put certain friendships or relationships on pedestals put yourself up there


You understand certain people in your life better than you know your own self. You are able to get to the route of the problem quickly especially when it comes to other people's problems. This is a great energy to delve into hobbies or creative projects. Or for those of  you with blogs or social media. You'll find that you are coming up with all sorts of ideas


Ooh thoughts of the past may comeback into your thought process, it may even make you feel a bit down. Try to stay in the present and let the past be in the past. Your money sector is well aspected today but you maybe a bit to generous in regards to your time and resource. So careful when it comes to giving because you might regret it later


Today you are a bit spontaneous, and you are likely to do something now on a whim. Try not to make plans today because your attention will get quickly diverted to do something else. If you need to have fun now is the time to do it because you have more time on your hands.