Monday, June 20, 2016



With this energy you are coming from a place of yes. You are more than likely to go out of your way for others. For some of you , you may learn more about your emotional self with this energy. You are able to read people and what's really being said. Just don't get carry away with reading in between the lines


You are taking care of business, I feel this is going to be dealing with court  and debts. You will feel more in control of yourself because you are taking care of your personal affairs, and it will make you feel more organize.This is a great energy for those of you in sells and with social media


You have an opportunity today to take yourself out of the situation and see things objectively . Wait you have to not get your emotional self involved. Also with this energy keep your thoughts positive and your words positive as above so below.


Your relationship sector is highlighted and the women in your life. Watch your emotional self because it affects how you feel towards certain people in your life today. If your sad and depress and those around you or someone isn't being sensitive to that. You may start questioning that relationship. Especially if it a new friendship like this year NEW


Your true feelings how you feel about someone in your life may come up. Because you maybe assuming things about the other person that aren't true.Also with this energy make sure to cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off. Power struggles can happen at this time


You are in a better emotional place with this energy especially when it comes to work. You tend exude confidence . It might be because you have a few tricks up your sleeve . Which is bound to impress someone today


Power struggles over family issues are going to come up today. Some family members might be doing their own thing and not consulting any one. With this energy allow yourself to tap more into your nurturing side today. Because you'll find that energy is going to bring you more fulfillment


Beautiful energy here careful with your thoughts today. For better or worst thoughts become things. Also with the moon conjunct pluto today watch your emotional self. You can tap into this energy when need be. Even though something is not coming to fruition right now doesn't mean that it wont happen


I feel at this time that you can be involved in scandal or controversy over what you said or posted on your blog. Your allowing this situation to really affect on an emotional level and it's going to ruin your day. It's probably because ego wants to be accepted and some of it just a dash of karma.


In order to get along better with others or have them cooperate with you. You are going to have to be at their level. When you are at other people's level you'll find you get along better with others. Even though this may frustrate you a bit.


This is a great energy to tap more into the law of attraction and the power of prayer. Also with this energy you have a way of seeing how to fix other people's problems. The problems is that they might not want you to fix things just listen


Very social energy. You might be having get togethers after work or being invited to  do things for the weekend. Also with this energy you get great fullfillment when you are taking care of others. For some of you today , you may receive sparks of miracles