Saturday, June 18, 2016




I feel with this energy you may not be talking to a women in your life. I feel this is because of separation or you two are fighting at this time .At this time you maybe trusting your intuition and doing your own thing at this time.I do see you going about certain situations a bit differently. No , you wont step on anyones toes.  Also the cards indicate new love relationship at this time, and this one can be a serious one. If you don't allow Uranus going into retrograde at the end of July ruin it. I feel also for some of you , there is court or business negotiations coming up I do see a peaceful resolution at this time.


Becareful with gossip and try to keep your text or becareful with what you say to others. This week your good name is being slung in the mud, or you maybe being thrown under the bus.For some of you this a good time to have greater self control with this energy. Also with this energy for some of you , you may find love opportunities. This week good news comes your way despite some wrenches being thrown in. For some of you, your money situation is going to get better, or you may get a higher position at work.The cards are showing me that you may finish a creative project or hobby and you will feel accomplished from completing this project.  Make sure to tap into your creative thinking because you are able to problem solve and find your way out of bad situations


Very social time for you. Lots going on this week with you in regards to the people around you. Also at this time time decisions or decisions that you are thinking about doing maybe caused by these people in your life. Either thinking about not talking to them.Or them stirring up changes that you need to make. With the message that is coming up, you maybe even going your own way and leaving them behind. For some of you this week, I see on the job training happening.With this energy shows you'll get your way but it maybe a long time fighting for it.There is a great opportunity coming to you this week that will help you turn a corner


You need to watch your emotional self this week. This can be an awesome week of this energy can ride like a pony on a Tuesday, like a Rhinestone Cowboy. So it's up to you how you want your week to go. I do see love opportunities for some of you. This new love coming in can be karmic or this can be a soul mate connection .I do see a deep emotional connection being made with someone this week. This week you'll be able to do great battle over a more prepared opponent . It's David vs Goliath and I know you'll win, my David. Also with this energy I see you winning over new friends  and them figuring you out or you may have allot in common with this person.


The cards show that you have allot of ideas this week and you may feel very inspired to create something new, or to delve into your hobbies or even have an adventure.I do see change happening this week in the cards but these are good changes. It's a smooth transition into a new chapter of your life. I do see for some of you, a life altering experience happening this week. For some of you, you may become with child so if your not looking to be new mothers or fathers wear your rain coat. For others something life altering for the better is coming your way. What ever it is that you have been praying and manifesting for will now come into your reality this week. You will see this happen as you would like them to happen to you


This week you may be going the extra mile for the people in your life. For others you are helping them complete out of you love. Make sure that you don't spread yourself to thin for others because than it will turn into resentment. I feel for some of you major good news is coming your way; much needed good news. For some of you, you maybe going your own with certain situations going on in your life. You may also stop talking to certain people in your life. For some of you, this energy this week is dealing with child support money and relying on the other person to come through. Or relying on some to come through for you in regards to money. This person maybe making you jump for the carrot this week.


At this time some of you , are sacrificing your own needs to help your partner or family member grow. Your creative nature comes out this week. Your world inspires this week to create or delve more into your hobbies. For some of you starting a new business endeavor. The cards want you to know that you have protection from the circle of friends , you affiliate yourself with . It's show these people to be destructive but you'll go unharm. I feel that at this time you have to ask for help. Even if its someone that you don't really like. Bite your tongue and ask for help, and help you shall receive. I also see this week , you are fighting with a manipulative person . I see also you are allowing your inner child to come out to play this week


For some of you this is a beautiful energy time. I see your way of looking at your situations or certain circumstances differently. I also see recognition for the work you've done . For some of you, you are almost at the finish line with work, or with court and I do see you getting things that you want or having your way. I do see for some of you fighting for you want and the cards say keep pushing. For the way you think things should be.I do see success coming up for you. I see your visualization of what you want being very strong so tap into metaphysics this week. This week you are ending one chapter on a bad note and beginning another on a good note.


I see at this time , there is a situation going on in your life and your not making any decisions. Because this is your way of manipulating the situation in order to get what you want. Your communications skills are very strong so you wont have a hard time getting what you want from others.I do see in the cards tempting investment opportunities coming up. I do see that you are trying to create more happiness in your life or creating good memories for your children. I see love opportunities coming up slow down with this person. Because I feel that things can get complicated this week. I also see you communicating with people you haven't spoken to in a while. And you finally letting go of certain situations because your realizing that they are creating more negativity in your life than good


You need to becareful with money opportunities or investment opportunities that come your way. This maybe more of a good idea than something you want in your reality. Your communications skills are very strong this week so watch what you say. I see you experiencing Deja vu moments or recognizing your words are powerful. Also with this energy I do see love opportunities happening. I do see someone from your past reaching out to you and trying to connect with you. Also this is a great week for those of you on social media. Your work is going to get shared allot this week or you may become trendy. For others of you, I see you reminiscing about the past. Or thoughts or even things may have you thinking more about the good ole times


I feel at this time you might questioning certain relationships in your life. I feel some major decisions are coming up or you feeling some kind over a certain person an Air sign in your life. I feel also this could be in regards to helping this person and you don't know if you want to do. If you have to think about helping someone don't do it thats bread of shame. I feel also with this energy the cards want you to know what ever mental anguish that you are carrying at this time is temporary. Multi tasking is not your forte this week try to pare down what is important, and what can wait. Dont just dream your dreams this week do them


Good news is coming your way for some of you. This can be money getting better this week which will have you feeling more emotionally a peace.  I do see you being very passive with someone in your life. I do see them trying to provoke fight at this time silent is your weapon. I do see you avoiding this person as well. I also this person is misleading you in regards to what direction you should be going into. If it doesn't feel right than don't do it. I feel also some one who is close to you will have very good and sound advice to give you. For some of you, you are leaving behind certain friends because what seemed fun in the past is no longer fun to you. What they are doing is starting to bore you.