Sunday, June 19, 2016



You need to let your work speak for you or let others speak about you. You may say snarky remarks at this time. So cock those brains before you shoot that mouth.Careful with your emotional self because some people. What ever they are going through their going to take it out on you. Instead of diving in because you have to much good going on think of the mental hell their going through and smile. Oh yes crazy hurts too


Listen to your dreams tonight , they might be trying to tell you something or give you deeper insight into a situation you are going through. Today you are a psychic sponge so be more self aware of your feelings. If you were happy and smiles when you walked into the office. And than you are doom and gloom. Acknowledge where that energy is coming from . Because thats how you take back your power


When you help others you feel more fulfilled with this energy. Also with this energy you do well when you work in teams or groups . Careful with gossip don't believe everything being said to you. Also careful with being gullible. You may get conned into things that you don't want to do or may take away from your pocket


Moon in Capricorn today watch your emotional self there could be power struggles with the women in your life or those in authority. This is a great energy to create positive constructive changes. Also for some of you, you may be at the right place at the right time


Watch your thoughts today because they can become things with this energy. Also watch your emotional self with this energy because you maybe in place where you want people to respect you, and may not get it. You have allot of good happening don't ruin your good energy because of how others may treat you. They may not even realize what they are doing . Also go with the flow try not to micromanage others


Watch your spending today you maybe a bit impulsive or not thinking about future or next week groceries or gas. Do keep those in minding with this energy.  For some of you , you can be a bit self destructive when it comes to love relationships.


Power struggles with certain relationships in your life can start today. The part of fortune is highlighting the moon . There could be issues or jealousy with other females. Sometimes we need to have these conversation but they come out more as yelling match. But than after the storm there could be a better understanding of each other


with the moon in your sixth house careful with health that may come up. Also you may be taking on other people's responsibilities instead of paying attention or dealing with your problems. Focus on what needs to be done with you today before putting any more things on your plate


Discipline maybe needed today. You don't want to work and all you want to do is play. I wont be surprise if some of you skip out early and go ahead to play with friends. Also with this energy you have an opportunity to meeting new people or potential friends


Watch your emotional self today you can have mood swings with  this energy. Also other people especially family members may get you involved in their drama today. Or expect the unexpected from them. You may see some people's true colors come out


Not the best day for making decisions because it based on ego. Cock those brains before you shoot that mouth because here comes that Scorpion Stinger. Today you need to find balance between your wants and needs, or what can be done today and what can wait for another time. Not so easy. Remember bend like that Palm tree


You might be a bit too quite and to yourself with this energy. This can cause problems with your relationships with family. Try to  get out an be supportive in what their doing or say hello to them today. Great day for business and career  with this energy