Sunday, June 5, 2016



Moon in the sign of Cancer in the 11th house today. You might be learning how to be a bit more empathetic towards or how to understand certain people . Maybe you'll figure out their way of thinking and you'll be able to be on the same page with them. Able to see things their way .


On the job training is happening today or your learning to do things at work in a new way. Work smarter not harder. The focus with this energy is on career and doing a job well done. You do need for some of you that pat on the back today. You might not get it at work or at home so try to be okay with that


Moon in the ninth house, you are looking for something to do with this energy. You maybe bored with work or you may take the long way to get to work. You are up for anything with this energy. You like anything new or interesting to keep you focus on work today. You embrace new things to do


This is a great energy to tap into spirituality or the law of attraction today. For some of you today , you may reinvent yourself or change your emotional way of responding to things or situations.  This energy can bring about emotional transformation


Watch your emotional self today, you may have a few outburst with this moon in your seventh house forming a T-square. You might be dealing with your own emotional self. Taking what ever frustration out on others. For some of you this can cause changes with relationships.


This is a beautiful energy in your sixth house to get things done today. You are very productive with this energy. Also a great energy time to work on the emotional self or metaphysics. This energy is also forming an emotional water trine with your money. So your money and work is dictated by your emotional self. Keep the energy positive today


You can connect with others in a personal way also this is a popular energy time for you. With this energy you may feel the need to tap more into faith or the law of attraction. For others of you , you have this need to learn something new.


With this energy good news can come your way. Allot of  attention maybe focus on you in regards to where family is concerned today. For some of you lots of communications and planning for get togethers are coming up. Also for some of you , mom maybe relying on you a bit more today


You are in a playful mood with this energy. You make a great listening but also you know how to brighten up any ones day with this energy. For you today work is like play. You enjoy friendly competition at work, or you might be more competitive with this energy


You might talk about the past a bit more or look at old pictures and share those experiences with friends today.  Your thoughts are towards the good old days , and you might be trying to keep or recreate that energy this week.


Watch your emotional self today the Diva is out. You want to do your own thing today and be a bit rebellious in some ways or to an extent. You might be a bit rebellious be it behind those in authority backs.Your in a more playful mood today and may even watch funny movies


Lots of communication is coming up whether you want it or not. Lots of texting going on and messages through social media. People want to see you and spend time with you. Lots to do coming up for you in regards to socializing. Also careful with this energy someone maybe emotional dumping on you today. Causing you to feel a bit lethargic