Tuesday, May 31, 2016

01 June,2016 Daily Horoscopes by Marie Moore


Watch your emotional self today , don't go trusting your intuition because it maybe a bit it off. Also you may find that your opinion maybe under scrutiny today. Careful watch you write on the emails or social media.Decisions need to be made in regards to a personal situation. But other people may suade your mind


The focus is more towards your personal relationships. I feel people at this time are telling you what to do or giving their advice over a situation. The problem with free advice not everyone listens to it. You may have an epiphany or insight or even a better understanding into a situation


You are very persuasive today with your communications skills. Patience is a virtue that pays off very well today. Even though you don't getting along with certain people. You are still able to set aside your difference for the greater good . Or too come to some sort of resolution.


Good news is coming your way today. For some of you, this is in regards to career, and money incentive or raise. Your emotional self is in a better space give you an opportunity to move forward in certain areas of your life. If you had a fight during the mercury retrograde apologies are seen or at least your over the situation


A popular energy time for you, also a great energy for career is happening today. You may receive allot of attention at work , or you may be busy communicating with others and making plans for the weekend or trying to get out of them. Your over thinking or worrying about things or doubting let go of those thoughts and give them to God


Careful with law today, court is coming up for some of you bringing about a turn of events , for some of you. Careful driving today so you don't get a ticket. Try to be open minded today and go with the flow.Today your not seeing eye to eye with other people


You have allot of ideas or thoughts up in the air,  This can be in regards to career or business ventures. If your thinking about moving into a business venture , you may have to put allot hard work into it. Also this energy I do see you going on a spending spree


Certain areas of your life is coming to an end with this energy. I feel property matters or moving can come up today. Today you have people working behind the scenes for you and for your cause. Not the easiest energy today, you are going through changes with certain situations


Difficulties with communications or even difficulties trying to tell others what to do because they still need to grow up some. Money issues are coming up and for some of ultimatums with money are coming up.You get to explain yourself and argue your case, go team Saggie


You may see people from your past with this energy or you may hear something about them today. This can start up allot of hurtful energy that you need to acknowledge and let go . Forgive and let go today. You need to go more with flow today and don't fight change because you might be coming between what ever you are trying to manifest


Surprise with money can come up today, also with this energy brings up creative energy. As well as money making ideas with this energy. You are more to yourself with this energy or you might be more focus on your work with this energy.


The focus is on mother today, or thoughts of a women in your life who you are not getting along with. I feel that there could be some under handed things like someone hacking into your passwords or weird phone calls today. You might be looking at a particular women in your life