Tuesday, May 10, 2016



Moon working it's way out of the 12th house is in a bad aspect today. So you may take things way to personally, or you may misunderstand others today. Be more aware of your sensitive nature today.You need to develop thicker skin, and be honest with your feelings


You need to pay attention to your spending, because you are a big spender with this energy. Also with this energy , very social energy and you maybe a bit more popular at work or getting along better with others. Also there can be miscommunication with mother today


You are trying to connect with others at work that seem stand offish to you and trying to get on their level. This is a great day for problems solving. Also you have a better handle on your emotions . You may start to try to pull yourself out of any depression , you've been going through


For some  of you , you may be more curious about your family or maybe studying more metaphysical things or learning more about spirituality with this energy. Try to plan or strategies what you are going to do next. Because anything you jump into now wont work out.


Watch your emotional self , because you  want change and maybe thinking about how you go about changing. For others of you making plans to travel and looking for an adventure, or planning for one. For some you may just be checking out today and allowing your thoughts to wander


With this energy you maybe looking into things that interest you. Or delving more into your hobbies or learning more about the spiritual world or metaphysical.You need to becareful with the decisions you are making today, because you may be fooling yourself


You have a lot going on with family or with the actual home, so much hustle and bustle going over there. That you maybe lazy about work or business.You may also have a strong need to be by yourself or retreat from the hectic pace of business in order to redefine or otherwise attend to your emotional needs.


Watch your emotional self today . The moon is about getting ready to leave your fifth house. But you maybe having flare ups with others or taking things way to personally. Acknowledge the fact that you may be a bit over reactive today. When we acknowledge what were doing we can turn  the situation around


You are a helper bee today. You want to do good , see good and be good with this energy. Also anything that needs to get done, you are the one to call to make it happen. You are a doer with this energy, and you are proactive in your neighborhood and what's ever going on there , you are there to help


Watch your emotional self because you are very impulsive with your actions. You maybe to impulsive or a bit over the top with this energy. Try to ground yourself and stay in the present. This is a  beautiful energy but you might be a bit over the top, like over optimistic. Sometimes that can be to much for others around you.


You may go back to old projects that you are thinking about restarting or recreating. Old ideas may come to mind and you may be playing around with them at this time. With this energy for some of you , you may be recreating the past and want your children to experience the samethings you did in childhood.


Possible changes with work, people in your life or love relationships can happen today.  The moon is still in your sign forming a t-square. You may feel emotionally confused with certain situations going and you may be pressured into making decisions today. I feel the problem,is that some of you are not ready for change. Or you may feel comfortable where you are at and you don't want to grow or change at this time. Because also it wasn't your idea