Thursday, May 26, 2016



This is a fun energy time for you. You are being a bit unpredictable with this energy and may just all of sudden form get togethers. Or start a random party at your house. OR even take the scenic route home, you rebel.


With this energy you are trusting your intuition and following it today. Go more with the flow today and you'll see how much more peaceful your life can be. Appreciate the calm that surrounds you when you are still.Situations tend to resolve themselves so try not to stress or worry about it


You are taking charge today and making things happen. Granted you are aggressive in your approach and you go about get your differently than others. Pick and choose your battles because some of them are a waste of time. It's difficult to prove your point when the other person already made up their mind


 Patience and perseverance pays off today. When you help others, you'll be surprise what spiritual fulfillment it can do for your soul. Even if it's out of duty to someone else. Your going to love this energy people maybe coming to you today to pick your brain at work. Or may need your help more than usual at work.


You may be updating yourself on your business or learning something new today with your career. I feel you'll like this energy as you are learning something new breaks up the routine at work . Plus its something different and new. So this is going to keep you entertain at work


This is a good time for career and for moving forward with your goals. For some of you , you maybe training others beneath at work, or mentoring them today. Keep the energy positive this a great time for growth with business today.


People in your life or who you watch on social media or tv may inspire you today . You love some fun healthy competition today just don't get the nails out if you lose. Careful with people close to you today like family or friends. Because they may not support your ideas or what you are doing or want to do


If you ask others to help you diet or watch what you eat don't be surprise if they take that task seriously. You may find yourself having cravings or having a bit of a fight with yourself in regards to your bad habits. You have allot of good around but you may be slacking or lack self discipline today .


You maybe wanting to go home early from work. You are very lazy with this energy.And you want to go out and play today. You are more about staying at home and entertaining at the home and having family over.


You are making some good use of common sense today. Your hard working is paying off today and so is your patience. This is a play energy today. Watch your spending, you may be more indulgent with your guilty pleasures


Watch your emotional self today because you have no middle with your emotions.  I feel also with this energy you may be spending more money because you feel really happy and want to go on a bit of a shopping spree. Today is a good time to plan things out rather than take action


This is a great time for business, online businesses traffic can pick up a bit today. For others of you, this is a very social time for you, and you want to be seen.  You are fun and very social with this energy. Some may consider tonight to be the life of the party.