Sunday, May 8, 2016



I'm going to take chance here but I feel it maybe some of the kitty kats lucky day. Expect Sparks of miracles to happen especially where money is concern. You do have lucky Jupiter helping you take charge of certain things in your life. Just make sure to use some couth when leading others


You know who has your back and you now know who doesn't. You are in better spirits now that jupiter is direct. You maybe thinking about making some changes in regards to career or with your goals.


You go above and beyond for people sometimes, and than your surprise when you don't get the same in return. Careful with the favors you today because sometimes people have to deal with your own karma and corrections in life.


Today you are a bit more spontaneous in your actions. You maybe a bit inventive or creative today at work with your problem solving. Don't project your problems on to others . Also with this energy be able to ask for help. Because you are very self reliant, you may shoot your own foot.


Try to keep grounded with certain situations coming. They seem to good to be true because they probably our. Even with people, your putting others on pedestal put yourself on pedestal. Your expectation about that person may get crush. Or they may not be able to as much as they promised. Also with this energy, watch your thoughts sparks of miracles can happen today


You maybe trying to work on your emotional self and changing some bad habits about how you treat others. Your really going to get tested with this energy. You benefit with the moon in Cancer when you are about others and their problems.


This is a good energy day, for dealing with others. Your confidence is up and you attract allot of good energy towards you at work. You may receive a pat on the back for a job well done. For others a great energy for social media


You maybe more about your thoughts and feelings today. Also with this energy you maybe more focus on the home, and maybe thinking about cleaning the home. Your thoughts are more inward and about whats going on with you. With certain situations, or feeling overwhelmed with certain situations


Careful with this energy because you maybe a bit emotional manipulative with family members or with lovers. I feel that you are allowing your insecurities and worries to get the best of you. Taking it out on the people closes to you. These people are family or like family , remember they are not the enemy.


Careful with this energy because you tend to over react to the smallest of things. Or because you may feel like others aren't listening to you, but they are. You need to practice patience when dealing with others. Because don't forget you have that beautiful earth trine so keep yourself at peace


You are able to connect with others, and to get to the root of their problem. This is a great day for improving your relationships with others as well as your surroundings.  You understand your family members maybe better than they understand themselves.


Your allowing your insecurities to get the best of you. You maybe your own worst enemy. Try to relax into situations or around new people. Try to go more with the flow. Also some of you maybe developing crushes with new people at work