Monday, May 23, 2016



Still a fun energy with the moon now in Capricorn. You are in a playful mood and maybe a bit more fun to be around. Or you might be looking for fun things to do or planning get togethers for the weekend. You want to be out and about and seen today.


It is time to make changes in your career and life direction, letting go of any career aspirations which have become redundant. This could mean a simple change of job, which is still linked with your chosen profession, or it could involve a more encompassing change of direction


Watch your body language today because others can read you like a book. You have a hard time with the words "No" and "you can't do that". Those are fighting words to you . You may want to play and do what you want. But your responsibilities and obligations are telling you other wise


If everyone's face was a mirror thats what your giving and getting back today. Keep the energy positive. If you have problems with other, it's probably you projecting your problems or feelings on to them. You have to becareful today the way you talk to others. I feel if your not careful with what you say things in your relationships or negotiations can change today


Your second house with the moon is well aspected. But your strong need to be in control of your situation and others maybe causing blockages with this beautiful energy. Try to be more adaptable with others, or flexible with this energy.


Self control and self awareness maybe needed today. There could be crisis situations going on that need your attention. You need to work on letting  other people's words or empty threats  not bother you today. Remember  you have a beautiful earth trine with the moon in your sign . So thoughts become things so watch them today


Be Careful what you say to others because thats exactly what they will do today. You may hear some gossip going about some one you know. Before you go assuming why don't you ask the person that they are talking about. Your imagination can be a beautiful thing but also can prevent you from getting anything done. So discipline and will power is going to be needed.


Confrontations with your family relationships can come up today. Because it's all about the egos needs and what the ego wants to do .This is a time of emotional change for you. So it's not the easiest energy letting go of unhealthy thoughts or habits.


 What you think you should do and how you feel about something are often at odds.  You tend to act on your will at the expense of your feelings, and to act on your feelings at the expense of your will or ego–two things that certainly leave you feeling unsatisfied. Slow down your emotional self  . This is a good day for thoughts to become things


Watch your emotional self today. You may feel very competitive at work or you maybe a bit of a know it all. Beaware of how you treating others, and allow them to make the mistakes they are going to make. Also watch your emotional self because you are letting ego to do the talking


You are more curious about or want to learn more about the occult or metaphysics. Also with this energy you may have to start over in certain areas of your life. For others of you, a time  when your way of thinking does a 180 or you may look at certain situations differently . You maybe more at peace with a situation


Your relationships with others are highlighted. You might not receive that thank you when you go out of your way for someone. Try not to get upset at this , work on letting it go. Also with this energy arguments can happen and relationships can change. At this time you can't take feeling rejected. It's ego who can't take rejection. Try to acknowledge that you deserve to be treated better and you don't need this person's approval.