Wednesday, May 4, 2016



Moon still in Aries working it's way out to prepare for the new moon on the 6th. You may find power struggles with your relationships. Because you want things done your way but they have other ideas. Egos may clyde today. It may feel like pick on me day as everyone has an opinion on what or how you feel. Watch your emotional self try to take these opinions like water of a ducks back. Sometimes its other people's way of coping with situations or change


This is a beautiful energy time to work on the emotional self. For some of you , you are reinventing yourself and maybe changing your way of thinking. You need to watch your mood swings because you are trying to make emotional connections with others. It's still something to get use too which is opening up about your feelings


Problems with family can come up now, power struggles over situations going  especially with money or inheritance can be the topic today. On the bright side, expect the unexpected especially with friends skipping work or school to do something fun with you do. Friends or family may surprise you but in a good way


This would be a great time to plan things out rather than pursue goals or ideas. They may seem like a good idea in your head but at this time maybe a bit difficult to pull off or you may find yourself waiting. Any goals that you do try to pursue you may have to make adjustments to them which will bore you or drive you batty


If your going to do favors or look for Thank you, don't expect one today. This may erk you allot. You are very sensitive today and this may cause health problem or you to take your anger out on others. On the plus side you are able to jump on opportunities that come your way. You are also able to get along very well with others


Careful the way you treat others today. They may not come through for you or forget what you wanted them to do. You may blow up on them over this . You can be a bit over top with your feelings. Be really gentle with other because you don't want things to end or change because of the way you are behaving and treating others


This is a great day to make meaningful connections with people who are close to you .Your friends or family members may help you out in a big way today. What ever you set your mind to or put your focus on, you get results or make it happen


If you been fighting with mother or a mother figure in your life. They may be trying to reconnecting to you or harassing you in some way on the social media, OH JOY!!! Or even thoughts of mother can come up with this energy.You are looking for ways to make money or save money


Before you jump in and start helping others or take on new goals . You need to finish working on old problems like debts, make that phone call get the ball rolling quit ignoring it. Things you've been avoiding you need to finish with those first before moving on with something new


Beautiful energy time, you are very popular with this energy.You may find that you attract the opposite sex like bees to honey. Fun energy time to flirt and to have fun socializing.  Also with this energy try to base situations with others or what they  are telling with facts. This is a confusing energy time for you, and you don't know who or what to believe. Go by your own experience and facts today


No Mutuable square to mess with your day enjoy the peace that is happening till the 24th.Today friends or certain coworkers maybe telling you stories or may not be telling you the whole truth just to get out of something today. Also some one may talk you into doing them a favor which is fine. Because you enjoy being needed especially by friends and family. Also it gives you fulfillment knowing that you can be their for them


At this time with the planets being the way they are take your time and think. I see some major decisions that may have you feeling confused. Some of these decisions don't need to be made now because everything is up in the air so take your time.This is good time to focus on your career instead of your personal life. Your personal life is a bit confusing for you