Sunday, May 29, 2016



You need to be careful with your emotional self. Because you are bottling up what is bothering you. Instead of expressing your feelings to the other person. This can lead to outburst and snarky remarks. You have problems with doing what you want to do and trying to make everyone else happy. You are very adamant about doing your own thing which is going to cause conflicts today


You are very considerate about other people and more concern about their feelings being hurt. So you might not be able  to move forward with certain things that you want to do. With out feeling like your going to offend some one or hurt their feelings.


You need to becareful with the way you talk to others. You can be very sarcastic especially when your feeling frustrated or impatient with others. You get more with honey than you do with spit and vinegar.Your rare sense aka common sense isn't there so try to slow down what you are doing today


You could be surrounding yourself or hanging out with a younger crowd today. No worries it just makes you feel young with this energy. Your getting a break from Saturn's energy. This is a playful energy time for you. You maybe delving more into your hobbies today 


This is a great energy for job interviews. You are very attractive and charming today. You may start up new friendships. Or you may find yourself having little conversation with complete strangers everywhere you go .


Keep your mouth shut and just listen. The conversations you come across today are very informative as well for some of you educational. Problems with others come from them not supporting your needs or desires. Careful with your emotional on this situation. It's best to allow the other person to have their way. Because all your going to bring is fight into your life  instead of peace


This is a great day for communications. Your communications skills may be to strong today. You may be playing mind guys with others. With this energy expect the unexpected with money. For some of you this could be a surprise with call back from job interviews.


For some of you , you are making plans in regards to business , for others making plans in regards towards this weekend. You are very focus and motivate. This is a forward moving energy and a great day to make things happen


People may surprise you today. You thought you knew someone and it turns out they aren't that person you thought you knew. New love relationships or friendships can start up today.  The women in your life may have some advice or wisdom to give you today


This is a beautiful energy time for you , you are very popular and very social with this energy. For others of you a great energy time for business or dealing with social media. You may find your blog or videos trendy this week with this energy.


If you've been feeling restless today not to worry change is happening and it's more towards your advantage. For some of travel may happen today . A change of scenery will help you allot . It will change your energy for the better when you travel today


You may have a difficult time emotionally connecting with one on one relationships. You are more willing to get to the bottom of things. Or to research things that you want to do or you maybe looking for information today into a situation