Wednesday, May 25, 2016



Change is happening today this can with career, or getting a job today. What you want to do today . May not be what others want you to do today . Watch your emotional self because baby is not going to get the bottle. This may turn out to be a rough day. If you choose it to be .


For the female wallflowers, this energy pertains to you and your nurturing side. Wanting to be about family and nurturing you family relationships. For some of you talking about the past or reminiscing can come  up. For all the wall flowers popular energy time for you. Very flirty energy happening with you guys today


Your fifth house is beautifully aspected today , and you may want to play more than anything today. Careful with impulse purchases.This is a beautiful time for certainty especially with decisions . You 've been going back and forth about now it's time to make a decision, and you know what to do.


Property matters can come up today. Try to have some couth today because you are very strong with your communications and your not scared to say whats on your mind. If that particular someone is not giving you attention today, that green eye monster may pop out. Keep your jealous in check


This is a great energy to make things happen . You are more motivate and you go after what you want with this energy. Also moon is well aspected in your third house. Your intuition can spark up or you may have deja vu moment. Also with this energy you can read people today. This is a great energy for those of you dealing with the public or with sales.


Moon in your second house of money is very well aspected today. This is a good time for hearing call backs from job interviews, or even good news in regards to career or money can come up. For some of you business is doing very well today.


This is a beautiful energy time for you to receive recognition from others and for your work to be acknowledge today. Watch for mood swings today. This is a moving forward energy with what you want to do . In regards to goals or with your career


You may be a listening ear today and being dumped on by others. Try to put a cap on it because this can feel emotionally draining for you. Your intuition is very much on so you can go ahead and test out your feelers today. This is a very good time for creative endeavors.


Today you maybe spending more time helping out others. Makes sure it's coming from a place of just helping and not because you are wanting a thank you. You maybe helping out the underdog today and helping them shine. Or you maybe sticking up for the under dog


What ever thoughts you have on how something should be today. It's not going to match with your reality or you may have problems getting others on board with your thought. You need to becareful with this energy you have difficult time seeing the reality of certain situations


Good news is coming your way today. Also with this energy people from your past may pop by today or reach to you. For some of you thoughts of the past are coming up. You may hear something about someone you know. Also with this energy talks of moving or thoughts of moving are coming up


Good news is coming to you in regards to money . You may feel emotional stable in your relationship or with your career. You are in a good head space today. You are more playful with this energy . Lots of socializing going on. For some of you , your work brings you happiness and brings out your playful side.