Monday, May 30, 2016



This week can be a beautiful energy week if you are willing to tolerate other people's differences. They can also be a really big help to you . When you let them help you. This week you may have a break through with a certain area of your life. This week follow your creative inspiration because it's taking you on a path.Also this week you'll teach some one a valuable lessons. I do see a turn of events happening with career or money.I feel this can be for the better. For some of you this a second source of income or for others a career.


 You definitely took too long to decide or held out in a negotiation for more that never arrived. I see major decisions coming up this week that is going to take you on a new path. What ever you are trying to do at this time. You may have to try, try, try again.At least you will be able to blame your fall on some influence of the outside world that mitigates your responsibility. This week  careful with gossip because your words are going to be twisted. Also with this energy someone at work or in your life maybe trying to throw you under the bus. I also see thoughts of moving or changing careers happening at this time


For some of you people in your life are standing by your side no matter , and ready to help you so ask.Showing some one in your life is being  a great assistance to you this week. Also the focus can be on children or the young people in your life. Shows that you are spending more time on them or the focus could be about them.Some very good advice is coming your way. The problem is you don't want to listen so this advice was really good . Because it was getting to the truth of the matter. Also with this energy  your very creative and  maybe receiving new ideas write them down .


I can see certain family members or people in your life turning your head and controlling you this week. For some of you , you are dealing with break ups , divorces or separations coming up this week. For some of you this can be quitting your job which is going to feel like a divorce.  I feel this week you might teach some one a valuable lesson or they might teach you this lesson. Your partying ways or your way of doing a particular thing is going to catch up with you. For some of you a life altering experience can happen this week . For others of you pregnancy is indicated in the cards or forming a brilliant life changing idea


By not making a decisions this week is part of your master plan on getting your way. Careful with gossip and what you say to other people.Because you are going to be made to look like the bad guy with this energy. Your mastery over events has an authoritarian edge perhaps you reached your balance with security with a struggle that requires you to maintain a tough exterior.With this energy, you are making a great life decision this week.You have an opportunity to use verbal communication to get a deeper understanding of your feelings. Some or one of your relationships the person or people actual understand your way of thinking


Major decisions are coming up this week. This could be in regards to money.For some of you a second source of income coming up. At this time, you are very focus on a certain area of your life which comes with a cost. So while your focusing on love or specific goal other parts of your life are going to seem chaotic. I do see you mastering a specific area of your life. Trust your intuition this week because it's leading towards opportunities or a new project. I feel also with this energy , someone in your life may all of a sudden become critical of you. I feel like , it has nothing to do with you and more about a situation in their life that they are going through. Don't be reactive to what they are saying , silence is best


 Your current relationship or one that will soon arrive will be the central force of good feelings in your world.Trust your intuition this week. This is a great week to receive recognition at work. Or to feel fulfilled with some personal goals being achieved this week. For some of you, you could be over a relationship and thinking about ending it.  For some of you a great opportunity is going to help you out of your current situation. It could be the financial boost you need to help you get back on your feet. You may receive personal insight into your journey this week. If you can afford to take a financial risk, the cards do indicate it will have a big pay off


Career and business are coming up and you maintaining control over your situation. This energy with control can bring about a turn of events. Feelings of depressions , or feeling emotionally overwhelmed is keeping some of you stuck from moving forward. I see at this time more added responsibility being added on to you. Or a position may come up at this time and I see you refusing it . Because you see something else happening for you and this situation being offered to you . Has nothing to do with what you want. Shows you are mastering a specific area of your life. For some of you this is your creativity or social media


I see for some of you the focus is on children this week, and also people from your past maybe coming into your life. But experience has taught you to keep it moving with this energy. While your family relationships maybe the focus . I do see money opportunities coming your way and proving to be very promising. I do see you are trying to create a more happy existence in your life.I see you going your own with certain situations. This may cut you off from certain family or friends. I do see good news coming your before the big Victory which will make it more impressive so be a bit more patient for it.


 Careful with some job opportunities or money opportunities coming your way. It may be a bigger lesson than a blessing. I feel your communications skills are very persuasive and you can have people dancing to your tune . I see you teaching some one a valuable lesson this week.  Your blog or your youtube channel, or even business may involve an extra dose of creativity this week. This is a great week for your goals and desire. You'll feel accomplished when it all come together this week . Money opportunities that do come up this week, research them. Also trust your intuition in regards to how it makes you feel.


With this energy you are battling with a manipulative person.Also with this energy you are getting yourself involve in other people's fight or battles this week. Remember there's their truth , the other person's truth and the TRUTH. I see you picking sides this week, and this may not make you many friends. I see you hanging around or collaborating with a specific group of people. This can be at work or with business. But know that these people will teach you tricks of the trade to help you grow. Also with this energy remember everything is cause and affect, so own your actions and choices this week.


I see you getting your way with certain situations.I see good news coming your way this week in regards to career and money. You feeling a bit more emotional stable. This is a good time for getting your way with court. Luck is on your side this week. Shows also with this energy, you are mastering your emotional self . If you been doing the law of attraction, you'll see the things that you want start to manifest in your life. This is a great energy to receive recognition for your work. Major decisions are coming this week in regards to your desires or goals.The cards shows becareful what you wish for because it may be to much for you to handle.