Tuesday, May 24, 2016



Moon still in the sign of  Capricorn conjunct with the moon. Watch your thoughts or careful what you wish for today because you just might get it. Watch your emotional self, you can be bit sensitive to what others say. They may feel that you took it the wrong way


Your relationships with other maybe a bit intense. Great for lovers very passionate energy. For some of you this might be a fun time with friends. For others intense fun flirting, with some of you friendships can become more on a romantic level.With this energy try to be more empathetic to other people's needs or what they are going through


Watch your emotional self today because you take things to personally with this energy. You maybe feeling a bit insecure or needy with certain relationships. This maybe to much for others so try to give other people their space. Try not to emotionally dump on others today. I think you can be a bit much


You may have to be diplomatic today when asserting yourself. I see misunderstandings happening and frustration with others, refrain from whipping the Scorpion tail around . We are still under mercury retrograde shadow period . Which ends June 04


You need to find balance between family , work and play. Today you may be neglecting family or work and focusing more on your personal life. Also there is this emotional struggle on what you want to versus your obligations and what you have to do.


You can be more to yourself and your thoughts with this energy. For others of you , your ambitions or trying to move forward with certain things maybe delayed at this time. Try not to make decisions based on your emotional self because those decisions bring about major life changes


This is a beautiful energy to tap into faith consciousness, and get your spirituality on today. Watch your thoughts because you may have a deja vu. You maybe feeling very inspired to create or write down your thoughts today. For some of you may come up with money making ideas


Watch how you treat others today because relationships can change today because of the way you treat them. You need to either get a second opinion or look at all your options before make decisions today. Everything is cause and affect.


For some of you , you are very generous with your time and resources. For others , you may find certain people in your life are going to be more open about their life story. Tell you things about them that you never knew. This is a beautiful energy with a kite. For some of you , you may be receiving good news today in regards to career and money.


Sun in the second house is in a bad aspect not a great time for businesses. If others need to do it themselves and  fall  on their face let them. Try not to take things too personally and choose your battles wisely. You’re more impulsive and impatient in your physical activities as well, and should take precautions when driving.


Busy energy today, lots of communications going on. Also with this energy certain things or people peek your curiosity.Also this a great energy for bloggers and those of you in social media. Because you feel more inspire to write or create with this energy.


Careful with this energy because you are about egos needs rather than your values. You need to have some couth today or at least watch what you say to others. Miscommunications can happen and you may take things that people say to you the wrong way